10 Signs You Need Personal Statement Proofreading

When it comes to your college application, personal statement proofreading is an absolute must. You simply can’t do without a cliche checker and other essential tools if you’re hoping to gain acceptance to one of the top universities in the world. There are all kinds of unique signs that indicate your statement needs a little work done to it for the sake of improvement. Learn to recognize these essential signs and you’ll soon start to avoid all the most common mistakes that students make, from the overuse of cliches to incorrect assumptions about admissions criteria.

Why You Need Personal Statement Proofreading Services

With all other things being equal, the college application process is basically a game of numbers. When you compare the average acceptance rate of a typical American college to the single digit figures associated with Ivy League institutions, you can see why you really need to bring your A-game to beat these odds. Academic experts providing the finest personal statement proofreading services available online can help you to boost your chances as high as they’ll go.

Average acceptance rates vary depending on the type of college as well as the caliber of the teaching and research that goes on within their walls. For example, you can expect a typical community college to have a rate of around 78% which is encouragingly high. On the other hand, the best colleges in the entire United States have rates well below 10%. With Harvard University dropping their acceptance down to 5.2% in recent years, you can easily see why you need a personal statement review. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your future.

types of professional proofreading servicesThe 10 Most Common Errors Students Make

A typical personal statement review carried out by a qualified expert reveals an average of 10 different kinds of mistakes that students make, ranging from basic typos all the way to huge misconceptions. Read through the detailed checklist below and see why you had better seek the advice of a top personal statement proofreader before you submit your college application.

  • Typographical errors are the most common mistakes that a professional personal statement proofreader ends up fixing. These basic typing slips are hard to avoid and most people will make around 8 mistakes per 100 words they type on a typical desktop keyboard.
  • You might be surprised by how many people don’t fully understand the rules of capitalization for titles in the written English language. In fact, the incorrect use of capital letters in conjunctions and other inappropriate words is one of the first things to be corrected with the help of a title capitalization converter or when you ask an expert to proofread my personal statement.
  • One of the most irritating things to see when you ask a professional to proofread my personal statement is the use of stock phrases. You might think you’re being original but actually, the problem is that everyone who does this thinks they’re being unique. Ultimately, it results in professors being irked by the constant use of particular expressions.
  • Although some mistakes are caused by a slip of the fingers while typing, other errors are clearly the result of being unable to spell properly. When requesting an expert to check my personal statement, you’ll have all your spelling mistakes pointed out and corrected.
  • It’s not just spelling that you’ll notice problems with when you carry out your personal statement revision. Many students make all kinds of grammatical errors without even realizing it. Expert academics like your future professors will see these mistakes sticking out like a sore thumb so it’s best if you get a professional to read through your work first.
  • Personal statement editors are forever deleting redundant information. Don’t ever include data that can easily be found elsewhere in your application. This includes your grade point average as the major culprit when it comes to this truly schoolboy error.
  • Academic writing of any kind requires that you use a certain style. It may take a while to get used to composing your work properly, but to start with you should be able to check personal statement for mistakes like slang and colloquialisms which have no place in formal writing.
  • When you ask an expert to check my personal statement and give some advice, they’ll tell you that the clue is in the name. Your work should be unique to you, and that’s why you should avoid using quotes like the plague.
  • It should really go without saying, but you need to check personal statement for mistakes like adhering too closely to material that’s inspired you. Copying other people’s work is a real no-no in academia and you really don’t want to get accused of plagiarism, that’s why it’s a common practice to use a plagiarism checker.
  • While personal statement editors always encourage creativity in writing, there’s a limit to what you ought to include. Don’t use literary techniques like hyperbole as you run the risk of looking childish at best and misrepresenting your achievements or experiences at worst.
personal statement proofreading original
personal statement proofreading edited

Perfect Your Draft with Top Tools

Personal statement revision is always best carried out by experts who truly know exactly what they’re doing. However, it is entirely acceptable to make use of a select range of professionally developed editing tools such as those outlined below.

  • Avoid all those pesky stock phrases that irritate and annoy professors by utilizing a cliche checker program.
  • Automatic and yet professional proofreading services also include clever automatic tools.
  • Plagiarism should be avoided like the devil when you’re writing for academic purposes in particular. Use a specially developed plagiarism checker to stay in your professor’s good books.
  • You need to keep your statement short and sweet, but you don’t want to miss out on the extra space you could allow yourself to use either. Check the length of your work and choose the optimal word count.

Application of Knowledge Is Power

Now that you’re armed not just with the knowledge of which mistakes are the worst ones to make, but also how to correct them, personal statement proofreading should be a real breeze. Use the innovative tools outlined here alongside all the most pertinent advice dispensed by our expert academics, and you’ll surely reach the high level of success you clearly deserve for showing such proactivity. Your college professors won’t know what’s hit them when you follow our timely pointers and master the art that is personal statement writing.

Proper personal statement proofreading services will make your college application shine. Speak to an expert today and reach your full potential!