7 Tips and Mistakes from College Application Essay Proofreading Service: How to Improve Your Writing

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Delivering a well-written application is always important. As it is the first step into getting an admission, you won’t have to make your application look bad and thus, make you look bad as well. Yet, using a college application essay proofreading service will help you avoid making your application look wrong, create a better application and increase your chances of getting admitted. But if using a proofreading in business writing advice is not your thing, we have some of the best essay proofreading tips to proofread your application easily and faster. Take a look and find out more about how to proofread your own essay like a pro.

7 Tips from College Application Essay Proofreading Service: How to Improve Your Writing

You might get many tips on how to write your college admission essay because it is very important to write a proper essay if you want to get admission in your dream college. However, writing is not enough, proofreading is the next step, which is also very crucial. If you miss the proofreading part, you will miss the chance of admission, no matter how strong your essay is. Here are some tips from the college application essay proofreading service, which will help you to improve your writing:

  1. Organization: It is very important to write an essay in an organized way. It should be coherent and precise. It will help the reader to get the idea clearly, which you are trying to communicate. If you haven’t done it before, try to reshuffle things during proofreading and make it a well-organized essay.
  2. Grammar mistakes: Usually college students don’t have a strong command of grammar. They write the college essay in the same careless way and that is a big mistake. The proofreaders always give special attention to grammar and sentence structure. So, make sure that you have checked all the spellings and grammar mistakes, during proofreading.
  3. Careless reading: Sometimes when you write an essay, some words are auto-corrected by the dictionary. Those words are not wrong as words, but they are not the words you want to write or those are not the appropriate words, but as your computer does not indicate them as wrong, you give no attention to them during proofreading and they are sent as such to the college. So, be careful and during proofreading read each and every word you have written.
  4. Vocabulary: Sometimes students use some dictionary words to impress the college admission committee members. But they don’t know the exact meaning of those words or they don’t have the idea to use them properly. It gives the wrong impression and wrong meaning is conveyed. It is very important to avoid this and write only those words, you are completely familiar with. Change such words during proofreading.
  5. Short content: It is very important to avoid long stories. The longer content leads to more grammar and spelling mistakes and the solution to avoid that is to write short and concise content. Keep an eye on the content of your essay during proofreading and cut it short, wherever possible.
  6. Combine ideas: during proofreading, if you feel that you have written two similar ideas in different ways, combine them as one and write more precisely. It will make your writing more effective and will give a good impression to the reader.
  7. Get the second opinion: once you are done with proofreading, show your content to someone else too. A second opinion is very important when it comes to college application essay. You can show that to an elder member of your family or a teacher or senior student in school can also help you.

7 Typical Mistakes of Proofreading an Application Essay

When it comes to writing a perfect application essay, it is common to find many barriers. From the simplest spelling errors to the correct punctuation, there are mistakes that are sometimes incredibly hard to find and fix. Take a look at these 7 mistakes and how to fix them so you can have an easier proofreading task:

Proofreading all at once

Something that makes a lot of people fail in their application is proofreading everything in a few minutes. And no, that’s wrong. You should proofread everything individually. Proofread sentences and paragraphs one by one, do not rush to do it all at once and overlook obvious mistakes. Just make sure everything makes sense by proofreading everything calmly and objectively.

“I am (have) completed my high school education during (in) last year.”

Wrong spellchecking

Spelling errors are sometimes overlooked, something that could make the entire application look incredibly wrong. If you want a better application, make sure no spelling mistakes can be found – this way it will look better and do not confuse the readers. Grammatical mistakes are also checked when you spell check, just remember to do it with patience.

“I have exlent grades in whole educational carrer.”

Leslie Anglesey a Writing Coach & Professor at California State University affirms that:

“At the first sight of egregious grammatical errors, or issues with syntax and coherency, admissions offers will send your essay straight to the paper shredding machine. Competition to get into top schools is fierce, and it is important to do all you can to stay in the running.”


If you have time to write and proofread your application essay with time, take that time. Do not rush yourself and take some time off from time to time.

The career oriented educational track and well-aimed study programs completed me to apply for admission in this well reputed college.”

Leslie recommends to:

“Don’t proofread your essay directly after you write the first draft. Give yourself some time to disengage and refresh. Sleep on it. When you return you’ll likely find all the more generic or cliché statements that sounded brilliant yesterday are not as witty today.”

typical proofreading mystakes

Not being direct

Being bluffy, or trying to explain things that don’t matter is a sure way of making your application essay look bad. Make sure to develop a concise writing style and avoid creating a wrong application that won’t get you anywhere.

“I am very good in sports especially cricket. During my whole academic career, I participated in lots of inter school matchers. My school teachers and friends were very happy from me and they appreciate me all the time.”

Leslie affirms that:

“One of the most powerful tools that proofreading provides is the ability to be concise, critical, direct, etc. There’s only so much room in any essay, and you need to make a great argument/presentation without overtly weighing it down with too much abstraction. Choose your words wisely!”

A bad opening

Want your essay to grab the attention of the application chiefs faster? Create a good opening phrase or paragraph. This way you can catch the attention of the reader faster, make yourself a more interesting applicant and increase your chances of getting admitted.

“Hi, How are you? I am interested in getting admission in your college. My particulars are attached herewith”.

According to Anglesey, the opening is extremely important:

“Often, potential students focus far too much on the body of their essays. The two most important parts of your essay are the opener and the closer. Proofreading gives you a chance to really home in on both of these sections. Your opener should engage readers, while presenting them with an overview of the topic you plan to cover. Your closer should seal the deal.”

Amateur skill portraying

When you write an application, you write about yourself. That’s the most important part of every application when you write about yourself, your value and skills as a student. Make sure you make this part of your application look good, enough to grab the attention of the admission committee.

“I am very good in studies and sports as well. I always take part in extracurricular activities. I am also a good debater and due to all these activities, I was very famous in my class and school”.

Leslie Anglesey says:

“Maybe in the passionate drive to write an epic essay you forget to highlight certain skills that you’ve garnered over the years that would be a perfect fit for your intended area of study. By proofreading your work, you can go back and showcase these skills more effectively. It also gives you a chance to polish your writing, making you look as professional as possible.”

Ask for people’s help

Something that most people tend to forget is the power of doing team proofreading. If you ask for someone to help you proofread, it is possible that this person will find many different mistakes you overlooked or missed. Whether they were mistakes in bad punctuation writing a comma with a semi-colon, bad noun form in a simple sentence or even just improper tense that changes the entire meaning of a paragraph – asking for proofreading help can be immensely rewarding.

“Getting admission in this reputed college is the dreamt of my life and this is the reason for (behind) my struggle to get good marks in throughout my academic career”.

Do not let anyone tell you that you don’t need help. The more other people can help you proofread your application, the better your application will look.

How to Proofread an Essay Like a Pro

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