A Guide on ×How to Proofread an Essay

How to proofread an essay

Writing an essay is in large part a creative process. You are crafting words in such a way as to make a point and support it. If well done the final product flows and is easy to read while accomplishing its purpose. Proofreading is the final stage of the essay writing process and is far more technical than the other steps. You are using established rules of spelling, writing and punctuation or a paper proofreader to correct errors that detract from your essay. An essay full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors make it more difficult to read and distract from the topic you are writing about. Developing good proofreading habits will help in eliminating errors, making for a better essay, better reading experience, and if you are a student, a better grade.

Essay proofreading groundwork

Proofreading essay papers for spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors first requires that you know the rules. Knowing the various techniques on how to proofread an essay better aren’t of much use if you don’t recognize a mistake when you see one. Actually knowing all the rules is a huge task. A decent knowledge of basics is enough, combined with an understanding of how to use reference tools such as a dictionary. Good proofreading requires time, as it is best to be slow and methodical. It requires strict attention to detail and staying sharp and focused so being well rested would form part of your groundwork.

How to proofread an essay techniques and strategies

There are several different techniques used in proofreading service. Most people who have to write very often combine the techniques in different ways that work best for them, to form their own personal proofreading strategy. Some of the most effective techniques are listed here

  • Run spelling and grammar check at the start and at the end of proofreading. Don’t depend on it to catch all the errors because it won’t. But it will find many so speeds things up a bit
  • Read your essay out loud
  • Read your essay backwards
  • Print a hard copy to read.
  • Review common mistakes you know you often make and search for them
  • Read using a sheet of paper to cover all but the line you are reading

These can be combined with other methods to form your own strategy

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