About Our Online Proofreading

By proofreading, we refer to a process of examining your text and correcting typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, style and spelling.  Our work is to make this easy for you. Whether you are writing a letter, a college thesis, a magazine article, getting your text free of mistakes is essential and that is where we come in handy. We provide services to newspapers, magazines, colleges, schools and institutions. Our services are ranked highly because, no one has brought his work to us, come for it, and got it with mistakes, and we always do our best to come up with the best.

Our offices are in a serein place, devoid of noise or any distractions and interruptions. We chose this location because we know that in order for one to spot mistakes, one has to concentrate. We do the proofreading in such a way that we get a rough draft of the client’s document.  In this manner, what the ear missed while reading, the eye might catch it up while reading it word by word on paper and the hand will do the cancellation. One will say, but printing a draft is expensive, whoever you are, try out a dissatisfied customer, they can make you run out of business. We are here to stay that is why we take all those measures to satisfy our customers. When we read the numbers and punctuate it , we are very keen because we know numbers can really confuse and thus change the whole meaning of what the customer wanted to put across e.g. when you write $10,000 instead of $10.00, it can cost a client to lose out on a business proposal incase he was quoting a price tag.

We always make sure; more than one person proofreads a document so that, those errors which escaped proof reader A will be arrested by proofreader B. We give attention to capitalization and punctuation, missing commas or misplaced full stops.

We do our work with such a keenness that leaves a lot to be desired. Pay us a visit to see for yourself before even contracting us to do your job. You can also call us on +1 8000 0000 toll free line for a quick review of what we are capable of doing for you. Welcome.