Academic Article Editing Guidelines from Publishers

Writing a good article is not just about getting the required words written down. A great idea and good information too may not be enough to qualify an article as well written. A well structured, grammatically correct, easily understandable and one that clearly gets the message across is a good article. These aspects can only be accomplished by making sure that an article is edited and proofread to avoid any errors, repetitions and ambiguity.

Academic Article Editing – What to Edit?

There are some key items to attend to while considering academic article editing which will help to ensure that the article incorporates all that it should be in the way that it should:

  • Check for grammatical errors in the framing of sentences
  • Remove all spelling errors
  • Check the flow of language
  • Delete unnecessary sentences and phrases or restructure where possible and required
  • Organize the paragraphs to ensure the flow of information  is maintained
  • Change language wherever necessary so that the message is clearly conveyed

Academic Article Editing – How to Edit?

There are various editing techniques that can be adopted to make sure that the maximum number of areas is targeted and also the number of errors and ambiguity in the article are reduced.

  • Read Aloud – Read the article aloud, this will help you to hear what is written and quickly identify the areas where a change is needed.
  • Reverse Reading – Reading an article in reverse allows you to concentrate on the individual words and not the sentences, this helps to remove spelling errors effectively.
  • Get Away – Take a break after writing the article before you begin editing, this gives you a fresher perspective when you read the article.
  • Get Help – It is always helpful to have another party, preferably someone with no knowledge about the topic, read and look over your article so that any unclear and ambiguous areas can be easily identified.

Online editing services can always be relied on to help with the editing process of your article. Especially in long articles and dissertations, for a small fee, online editing services will provide you not only with a fresh set of eyes, but professional ones to boot. So it is always advisable to use the services of a professional editor and proofreader wherever you need to make sure that your article is error free and easy to understand.