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An admission essay is the best opportunity to reveal the best qualities and skills of a person who wants to get admitted into a college or high school. Even though this kind of writing is mostly made to explain what makes a person to stand out, writing it a concise and easy-to-read manner will always be of most importance. However, an admission essay proofreading is always one of the first stages to take into account. Submitting an admission essay with grammar or spelling mistakes can make you look as a person who puts no attention into details and who doesn’t care about the quality of his writing. Best paraphrasing tool could help you to avoid plagiarism, but what about other issues?

Even so, making a proper essay revision will also help at knowing if the admission has a proper structure and if it makes all points clear, without getting into unnecessary details and explaining everything in a more appealable way. If you want to know more about the importance of admission essays and the importance of proofreading them – take a look further!

Types of Admission Essays

There are different types of admission essays. All of them have the same purpose of finding out the abilities and skills of the applicant, but they are all different in structure and content. While some of them would better focus on activities the applicant has been involved in, others will prefer knowing why the applicant prefers the applied high-school or college instead of others.

The most common types of admission essays are these:

  • college applicationPersonal statements: Most personal statements will ask the applicant to “Tell us about yourself” or to “Tell about an experience that defines who you are”. The purpose of this kind of admission essay is to show the admission committee your writing style and skills, plus your abilities to communicate something clearly about your life.
  • Favorite activities: Other types of admission essays are those that ask about personal interests or activities you like to perform. These tend to be used on high-schools preferably, as these will tell if a person is suitable for a sports team or if he will perform better on the math one. However, they can also help at demonstrating the applicant’s passion or understanding has someone on a certain subject or field.
  • The “Why do you prefer this school” type: This kind of admission essay is mostly used to know what kind of interest does the applicant has at the selected institution. This kind of question on the admission answer can make all the difference when it comes to being admitted, as these essays will tell how important it is to the applicant to be accepted and why.
  • Intellectual interests and preferences: This kind of essay is used to find out what interests an applicant exactly. Even when an applicant has to choose the exact field he wants to study in, the admission essay can help the admission committee to know better about the applicant’s intentions. Even so, this helps universities and high-schools to know the kind of information a student likes and what his field of interest is.

Structure and Requirements of an Admission Essay

Doesn’t matter if it is in order to apply to colleges or to apply to high schools, admission essays will always demand of a certain way to be written. However, there is not a defined structure for them, as most admission essays are based on personal experiences or personal opinions of the applicant. Saying this, there is no real formula for structuring an admission essay. They are totally free of pre-defined rules or format, however, having a normal introduction and conclusion for your text can help you.

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Having a good introduction and a good conclusion will make your essay look better. Explaining what you’re going to talk about with a nice introduction plus a conclusion that will tell the exact meaning and purpose of what you intended to write. However, if you decide to write it totally different, it is all up to you. But if you want your essay to have meaning and actually portray an idea or be more effective, you will have to comply with certain requirements. These requirements are not totally necessary, but using at least two or three of them will make your essay not only look better but have a clearer purpose.

These requirements are:

Choose a correct topic for your essay

When it comes to an application essay, choosing the right topic is one of the most important things to do. However, choosing is just the first part, you will have to maintain the same idea throughout your essay, always making it clear what you wanted to write and portray in the first place without deviating to other ideas.

Keep it personal and concise

As we told you before, choose a topic and then talk about that idea throughout the whole essay. Even so, it is important that you do it concisely, without trying to explain too many irrelevant things or just mentioning stuff that is not important at all. Writing with a purpose from the beginning, making everything easier to read and more appealable will make it easier for admission agents to connect with your essay is the best approach.

Explain your ideas

If you are going to talk about something, don’t just mention it – try to explain them too. Using both previous requirements, your ideas should always be explained, especially if they are main ideas and have an important purpose of your essay. Always try to describe and define your points, never get too deviated from your main idea and avoid mentioning too many stuff on your essay.

Use your ideas and style

When writing an application essay, don’t ever rely on what other people ha said. You can quote and make citations, but it is preferable to talk about the personal experience with a more personal style and manner. This means that it will be better if you write with your own voice, talking about real experiences and avoiding hard-to-understand sentences or any jargon.

5 Colleges Application Essay Requirements

  • Harvard Application Tips on Writing – These tips on how to write a proper personal essay for admission in Harvard also include some standard requirements that will help you write a better admission essay.
  • University of Massachusetts Essay Requirements – This website will take you to the application requirements of the university of Massachusetts Boston in which you can also find help in writing a proper admission essay.
  • Admission to Rensselaer – Take a look at this page and you will find out the admission essay requirements to the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to the different fields of study that are offered.
  • Supplement Essay Hunter College – Follow the essay requirements and steps to write and submit a proper admission essay to Hunter College plus a brief video tutorial to help you further with your essay.
  • Stanford Essay Requirements & Process – with this short guide on how to write and what to include in an admission essay to Stanford college, you will have it easier to make an essay revise and develop a better approach.
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7 High School Application Tips

If you want to write a perfect application to college or high school, following these recommendations will help you a lot in order to write and create a more effective and clear admission essay proofreading.

#1 Explain your short and long-term goals

First, you will have to state why you like this college or high school more than others and why it is a good fit for you. Then, explain what you want to achieve as a student and future professional. You will have to be specific using details and examples in order to create a better approach.

#2 Why this college exactly

When you apply to high schools, admission committees are always taking into account your personal interests on the selected university. For example, if you like a certain field of study and this college offers it, explain it in your application and essay. Also, you will have to explain why you like that school and what exactly can you offer to its community.

#3 Use enthusiasm

When you write your application essay it is important to show that you’re excited and enthusiastic about having the opportunity to be part of a college community. You will have to explain why exactly this institution does appeal to you and why does it match with your interests.

#4 Mention your conversations about your decision

If you’ve talked with your parents, friends, professors or just any person that matters to you and you’ve received help in actually finding out what you really want, it is important that you state it on your application essay.

Talking about the personal connections you’ve made about your decisions will make it look that you actually care about your decision on applying to the institution, also stating that what you’ve learned from this conversations.

#5 Avoid clichés

Most people will make assertions on their admission essays about the college their applying for. These assertions can be like “I like this institution because the weather is great” or “I’d like studying here due to the prestige and excellence in education”. Even though they can be great as secondary ideas, trying to avoid them will always be better, as they are a little out of topic about the real meaning of your decision of an institution.

#6 Avoid meaningless stuff

Just as with previous tips, avoiding writing about things that don’t really matter is the way to go. However, when it comes to application essays, some people tend to write about dorms, extracurricular activities, about social life within the university and so on. This kind of comment will make your essay be weak, as it is preferred that you talk about other things like courses, subjects, opportunities, professors, and ideas.

#7 Write a different essay for different institutions

If you are going to write admission essays to a different institution, don’t ever write the same application letter to different colleges. There can be cases in which trying to do that you can repeat information that doesn’t go with a certain college feature, losing your credibility and making you look bad in front of the admission committee.

A Proper Essay Revise Will Make It Better

Whatever type of admission essay you write or whatever structure you use, an admission essay proofreading will for sure make your application look better and eventually help you to achieve that entrance you’ve always wanted. However, to do this you will have to follow some requirements and take into account certain recommendations that will make your essay look far better.

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