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What does it mean to paraphrase essay sources?

To paraphrase something means to take an original piece of text written by somebody and put it into your own words while retaining its original meaning. Credit must still be given to the original author even if the words have been completely changed. Some of the reasons for paraphrasing include the following:

  • Paraphrasing is sometimes used just as a means to reduce word count on a paper. Paraphrased passages are usually shorter than the original.

  • Paraphrasing can be used when you want to include a passage somebody else has written into your own piece of work, but you don’t want to quote directly.
  • Paraphrasing is sometimes used as a method of instruction by teachers. If you can correctly paraphrase essay passages, it is a pretty good sign that you have a thorough understanding of the passage.

There is software available now that will paraphrase passages for you. However there are often mistakes in the paraphrase and it might end up being entirely meaningless.

How can I paraphrase essay sources

If you aren’t used to it, paraphrasing may take a little practice until you get the hang of it. When you are paraphrasing you will be restructuring sentences, reordering sentences, and using different words to replace the original. Just swapping an original word for its synonym generally doesn’t work very well. Sometimes you may have to replace a word with a phrase or several words to retain meaning. The following steps are how to paraphrase a passage:

  • Read the passage you want to paraphrase several times until you thoroughly understand it.
  • Write the passage in your own words without looking at the original
  • Verify that the version you wrote still retains the meaning from the original source
  • Make sure you document the source if using in your own work.

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