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Proofreading Services is made up of professional editors intent on providing quality essay proofreading specifically for teachers, students and others who need an academic proofreader. No matter what kind of customer you are, we offer paper proofreading aimed at helping you transform your project into a success. From conference papers to essays and everything in between, Proofreading Services is here to give you that helping hand.

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Proofreading Services is an online essay proofreader that has the edge on the competition. Our prices set us apart from the rest of the market, with fixed rates based on page and word count so customers always know what they’re getting when we’re proofreading essays. Proofreading Services also offers a satisfaction guarantee to ensure customers are satisfied with what they receive. Our professional editors have strong experience as academic proofreaders. Proofreading Services only hires native English speakers who are dedicated to providing the best essay and paper proofreading possible. That keeps customers returning again and again.

Our Dedicated Team of Professional Proofreaders

Proofreading Services has a secret weapon behind our success – our dedicated team of hard-working editors. Our professional staff covers all subjects and disciplines so they can proofread essays and papers on every topic and provide the best corrections possible. All academic proofreaders at Proofreading Services have a Masters degree or above, and are monitored regularly to ensure they are performing the best possible work. In addition to the high level of our proofreaders, we also offer a customer care team who are there to make sure you are happy with the experience of working with Proofreading Services and are satisfied with the service your receive.