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Hazards of Common Cliches in Writing

Cliches are the stumbling blocks of communication. When you use a cliché, you’re not adding any more meaning than a simple phrase. For instance, because it’s become so common, “black as night” is really just the same as saying “black”.
It lacks vividness and uses more words that would be better spent elsewhere. You should avoid clichés because they simply weigh your writing down.

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    How to Avoid Writing Cliches

    So now you know the particular hazards of clichés in writing. But how can you avoid them? The easiest way is not to avoid them at all, but to use a cliché checker after you’re done! This simple tool consists of a text entry box into which you paste your work. Click go and it will find all your clichés. As you go back and change things, you’ll be amazed at how much more creative you become. Freed of your reliance on stale old phrases, your writing will become better and better. It’s a great solution for anyone who wants to write in any capacity.

    Why Use this Cliché Checker

    There are some great reasons to use the cliché checker along with automatic bibliography generator. Apart from anything else, the amount of time you will save will be immense. The cliché checker is faster than any human can be, which means that it can get your paper checked in less time than you thought possible. Some other advantages include:

    • Its large memory of clichés
    • Its freedom from biases
    • Its detail-oriented nature
    • Its portability

    Our online English proofreading tool has a memory which is dedicated almost exclusively to clichés. Thus, it’s much better at spotting them than a human can be. It has nothing else to remember, and so its knowledge can be much more detailed than yours. It doesn’t have “pet phrases”, so it won’t be biased. No matter how infrequently or how frequently you use a particular cliché, it’ll pick up on it. Additionally, the checker doesn’t miss things. When you or I are reading, it’s easy for us to accidentally skip a sentence or forget something. The cliché checker, however, cannot do that. It scans every line to keenly detect your clichés and point them out to you. As a final note, the cliché checker can be used anywhere! It’s mobile enabled, so use it on your phone or tablet as well as your computer.

    Get the Best Writing Possible

    Writing is one of the bedrocks of communication. You want to be a great writer; you want to communicate well. We think that everyone should be able to attain that goal. That’s why we created the cliché finder. With the help of our tool, you’ll be able to create increasingly amazing work. Let your potential free now.

    Cliches in writing are never going to trouble you again – just try our tool now!