Hey, Be Careful with These Commonly Misused Phrases!

Misused Phrases: What We Should Know?

When we write any letter, application, essay or other documents, then we don’t focus on the wrong phrases that are written with full confidence. The writing of any document needs to be perfect from every aspect whether you choose to online rephrase it or struggle on your own. If you’d make mistakes in phrases, then nobody can stop you to get embarrass in front of many people. There is no place and compensation for commonly misused phrases in the books, research journals, and other related documents.

The major reason for using such phrases is the improper use of words to communicate with others. For instance, people use wrong words many times to say or ask anything and nobody questions it. Therefore, the wrong phrases make a proper place in your mind and you begin to use them in writing content. These mistakes are mostly done by unprofessional writers or students.

These Most Misused Words Give You Goals to Become a Perfect Writer

Everyone should be aware of these most misused words before starting to write any document. Remember that misused phrases are even disallowed in blogging. However, such words are not being caught or rectified due to the freedom of expression in the form of blogging on the internet. But the famous bloggers pay higher attention to avoid such mistakes. The use of misused words in your published content also stop readers to like or share your document that could generate more site’s traffic. The commonly misused phrases are generated due to the confusion of homonyms. Have a look at these words. You may also get confused after reading them. You can also have a look at our proofreading tutorial to improve your skills every day.

Commonly Misused English Words

‘Lie’ and ‘Lay’

The word ‘Lie’ and ‘Lay’ confuse us a lot. Both have different meanings but their similar sounds make it hard for people to understand. The right way of using both words is shown in both sentences. First is ‘She lied down after getting tired’ and the second is ‘Chicken lays eggs’.

‘Except’ and ‘Accept’

Again, the same sound issue creates lots of problem in using both words for the writings. Except is the preposition while Accept is the verb. The meaning of except is to exclude something and accept refers to receive something. The sentences that can help you more to distinguish both words are “She likes everyone except me”. For Accept, the sentence can be “You need to accept my apology by letting go all the problems between us”.

‘Capitol’ and ‘Capital’

Most of us are highly aware of the word capital instead of the capitol. Therefore, the word ‘capital’ is misused in the place of the capitol as well. The building where lawmakers meet is known as Capitol. While capital word is used for the city and resources/wealth (in the language of finance and economics). Both words create lots of confusions. However, the majority use the word ‘capital’ and unfamiliar with the other same sound phrase.

list of commonly misused phrases

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There are many others commonly misused phrases that are impossible to explain all here. However, we are mentioning such words here. People mostly get confused about Your and You’re, Too and To, There and Their, Then and Than, Principal and Principle, Illicit and Elicit, Allusion and Illusion, Affect and Effect. There may be hundreds of more words that make people confused while writing essays, articles or another kind of content.

Frequently Misused Words Problems

  • Right: For all intents and purposes, Wrong: Intensive purposes.
  • Right: Chest of drawers, Wrong: Chester drawers.
  • Right: All Walks of Life, Wrong: Voks of Life
  • Right: Couldn’t care less, Wrong: No I could care less
  • Right: Anyway, Wrong: Anyways
  • Right: Toward, Wrong: Towards
  • Right: Used to, Wrong: Use to
  • Right: Supposed to, Wrong: Suppose to

All of these mistakes would help you a lot to find the frequently issued words and rectify them on the spot. Most of the people make a lot of such kind of mistakes.

A Helpful Guide Based on Proofreading Tips

These is an essential proofreading checklist that you must know before starting to edit your content.

  • Multiple revisions actually give the assurance of 100% error-free content. You must do it for sure.
  • Read the content loudly so that you can complete the proofreading process in less than expected time. It is really very workable with no doubt.
  • There can be many types of mistakes in the content i.e. homonyms. So, you need to concentrate on every word of the text instead of only paying attention to the punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors.

Are you interested to know about commonly misused phrases? So, check out the most wrongly used words here and improve your writing by making it better than before.