Comprehensive Proofreading Checklist

Comprehensive Proofreading Checklist

Many people forget to proofread their work yet this can be disastrous. Your thesis could be rejected due to simple avoidable spelling mistakes, your resume could be overlooked due to poor punctuation or your business could miss out on a big contract purely because of problems with your grammar.

Spending time to review your document could save you a huge amount of time and even money. Professional proofreading is a must for those highly important documents that just have to be right to be able make an impression.

Our Proofreading Tips

The following is a proofreading checklist to help you do your own proofreading to ensure that your work is error free;

  • Review your work at least 48 hours after you have written it.
  • Use your word processors software to check spelling and grammar
  • Use an online program to proofread your paper
  • Search for mistakes that you commonly make
  • Read your work out loud (Better still if someone else can read for you)
  • Read each sentence out while covering the surrounding sentences
  • Read each sentence out backward

This proofreading checklist will help you to review your paper to try to help you in the perfection of your work. However many of us are not natural proofreaders and will lack the discipline to be able to methodically review our own work successfully following this proofreading checklist. For most of us it would be better to entrust our important documents to a professional proofreading company.

Using a Professional Proofreading Company

If you cannot methodically follow the proofreading checklist above then it is better that you entrust your work to a professional company that hires highly experienced and qualified proof readers. Using an expert that has a vast amount of experience in removing errors from documents will ensure that you will submit work of the highest possible quality.

Beware of many cheap online services that do not appear to be long established or very professional; most of these companies will hire a very cheap freelancer with a limited grasp of the English language to review your work. This obviously is not going to result in the best possible service.

Most professional companies will provide you with a proofreader that not only is experienced with providing cheap proofreading services but will also be an expert in the area of the work to be reviewed ensuring a full understanding of what needs to be improved.

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