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Why You Need Awesome Titles for Essays

Titles are perhaps the most important part of the essay. Sure, the content is the most important, but you can’t get people to read your content if the title is a snoozefest. A title is like a doorway. You could have an amazing party inside the door, but if you don’t make it clear what’s going on, nobody’s going to want to open it. A bland, beige door concealing an amazing party won’t attract any guests; you’ve got to advertise.

It’s high time to make your title brilliant! Just paste your title below!

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Your title, then, is your advertising. You’ve got to make it clear that there’s something interesting. And you’ve got to make it clear what it is – a disco doesn’t attract the same crowd as an indie music fest, and you don’t want people coming to your “party” with the wrong impression.

How to Write an Ideal Title?

In order to create an interesting and good title, you can try several approaches and tips that we listed below and chose what method will be the most suitable for your article or an essay in particular. Ways to come up with different title types:

To begin with, there are 3 commonly known types of titles: descriptive, suggestive and combination.

Try the combination title. A descriptive title announces the topic of the work clearly and succinctly. The suggestive is the opposite of the descriptive, it just hints what the topic is about and the combination title type combines them both with the simple colon usage, that helps to achieve a better impact of both.

Example: From the Personal to the Public: Conceptions of Creative Writing in Higher Education

Try citing the source or location. It comes like an announcement of where and how the events of your topic took place.

Example: “The Failure of One, the Fall of Many: Mao’s Great Leap Forward in 1950’s Communist China”

Try the sum up title. Pick the most descriptive words from your essay of the topic and use them in your title.

Example: “Steel, Land, and Famine: The Failure of the Great Leap Forward”

Try image description title. Give your reader the visualizing of your article’s main idea – choose the picture and describe it in the title.

Example: “The Day the Earth Bled: The Eruption of Mount Vesuvius”

Dos and Don’ts of Title Writing

Coming up with a catchy and intriguing title can be a daunting task because title should catch the reader’s attention at once and encapsulate the whole article meaning at the same time.



  • Try to avoid abbreviations
  • Don’t apply the irrelevant style of the title, it should be in the same mood and style as the vast of the article
  • Avoid boring titles – they don’t catch enough attention for the further article reading

5 Steps to Start with

  • Before you started writing give the answers to the following questions: what is my paper about? What is the audience and what result do you want to achieve with your article.
  • Use your answers to develop the list of the 10 main keywords, brainstorm them and then leave the most suitable 3 ones.
  • Create a sentence with these key words that you left for your title.
  • Delete all unnecessary words and repetitive words link the remaining.
  • Cut all the non-essential information and reword so that it sounds interesting. Apply one of the schemes for the titles.

Creative Title Maker for Essays

With a free title making tool for our online proofreading services, you won’t have to worry about the titling struggle again. It’s easy and fun to create a title with the generator! Pick a topic and click the button and you’ll get great titles. Mix and match them to create a brand new title. Substitute words to create something similar yet more suitable. Or, if you like, just use them as they are. We don’t put limits on your title generating, so you can make as many as you like. There’s nothing to lose – only a good title and topic to gain!

creative title maker for essay

List of Reasons to Use the Title Generator

The title maker is an amazing resource for writing. If you’re struggling with anything related to titles, it can help you, of course, but did you know that it can assist in other areas too?

  • It can help you decide on a topic by giving you ideas
  • It can help you get to know your field better by showing you potential titles for papers you might not have thought of and to avoid common cliches in writing
  • It can stretch your creativity by allowing you to see some of the options

If you’re someone who has trouble being creative in an academic setting, this is the tool for you. It’ll help you think of things in a new way. It’ll expand your boundaries. It can even make you a better student. What more could you ask for?

Our Creative Essay Title Maker

There are dozens of title generators out there. However, we have confidence that ours can stack up against any of the others. We take particular care in constructing it and making sure it’s up to snuff. We invite you to try it and see for yourself! We’d offer you a money back guarantee but, of course, the tool is free. There’s nothing you can possibly lose by using the tool, so why not try it now?

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