Dissertation Revision Service: 5 Tips for Proofreading Like a Pro

dissertation revision service

The writing process of a dissertation is immensely important. Yet, even more important than the writing is the revising, editing and proofreading. They are important because without them a piece of academic writing can be equivocal and sometimes even make the writer look bad. That’s why hiring a Dissertation Revision Service is often the option most people take, as it saves time, effort and makes the proofreading for PhD thesis a lot easier. Still, taking your own time to do some revision and proofreading reports may eventually be worth it. Here we are going to show you how to do spellchecking, proofread names and theories, edit key words and concepts, paragraphs and references and much more. Take a look further.

How to Do PhD Thesis Editing Like a Pro

If you want to do a proper thesis revision, there are certain things you can try to make the task a lot easier for yourself. The following 5 tips will help you revise your thesis like a pro:

Revise your dissertation as a whole

First off, make sure your title, main dissertation question and introduction go perfectly with the rest of the work. You will have to analyze your dissertation as a whole, clear out any mistake in coherence you may find and make sure the argument of your thesis is well-developed throughout.

All of your dissertation should match correctly with itself. From the keywords to the conclusion, from the main title to the findings or results and even your conceptual part to your analytical part – it all should merge well and have a good flow. Just make sure your dissertation is understandable and that it makes a point. That’s it.

Revise each section individually

Each section of your dissertation is as important as the rest. Without a good rapport within your thesis, it won’t have much sense or eventually deviate to irrelevant subjects. So make sure each section is well-developed, without any unnecessary information and always giving a great opening for the next section correctly.

Sometimes, it is just about a lack of concepts within a section, a lack of analysis, or poor arguments. Sometimes the description of a certain problem may not be well-structured or the solution for a question is not developed correctly. For any of these, you just need to proofread calmly, take your time and revise that everything is perfectly written according to your main point.

Make sure everything inside your dissertation has value and importance for the rest of the dissertation. If not, you may as well eliminate that section or modify it until it offers what you need.

Revise each paragraph individually

Revising paragraphs individually will help you find out how coherent your dissertation is. For this, you need to revise each paragraph in search an opening sentence, development sentences, quotes or references, explanations and a final example plus the concluding sentences. This is what makes a paragraph have sense.

Some sentences may not have all of the previous features together. Still, all paragraph should at least come with an opening sentence, development sentences and a final concluding one. Each paragraph should answer an individual question or talk about a point. If not, you may need some rewriting or eliminating done. Just ensure each paragraph manages a singular idea and you will be on the right path.

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Revise each sentence individually

Sentences are the main focus of each statement you make in your dissertation. When you negate something, you do it in a sentence. When you explain something, you use sentences. When you analyze something and put it into perspective, you do it with sentences. So, they are incredibly important to how your dissertation looks and what it portrays.

To edit sentences you should first make sure that they make sense. This means you should make sure each sentence has a verbal phrase and a nominal phrase. Without these two, you won’t have a sentence, without a sentence, you don’t have anything. Thus, revise your sentences correctly, making sure they make sense and add something to the paragraph, section and overall dissertation.

Revise grammar, punctuation, spelling, and style

In order to make good proofreading, you need to also revise the grammar, punctuation, spelling and overall writing style within your dissertation. When revising the previous features of your dissertation you may as well make sure that these factors are also checked – but you will still have to check them individually.

Revising your grammar is making sure you don’t use improper words, wrong meanings, wrong sentences and that every statement makes sense. This is done by making sure your punctuation is always correct and that your spelling has no mistakes either. But none of this will have importance if you don’t use the proper writing style – professional and academic like style to portray your arguments, analysis, and overall dissertation correctly.

Hire Only Professional PhD Thesis Proofreading Service

Proofreading like a pro demands the writer to know exactly what he wants to portray and how, cheap proofreading will not do. This is a mechanical process, something that allows the readers of the dissertation to understand everything without a problem.

But what better to make your proofreading easier than having the help of other people? Make people whom you trust, people who can offer a helping hand and invaluable advice for your dissertation in order to make it easier for you. These helpers will work exactly like readers, and they will tell you exactly what’s wrong about your dissertation.

According to James Mulholland, a Graduate from the University of South Carolina”

“If there is one thing that I would say was essential to revising my dissertation, it was having multiple readers whom I could trust. Don’t write lonely”

And they can be from any field really. Even though people from your own field of study will help you more when it comes to your content, people from all types of fields will help you in your overall dissertation better. They will work as readers with an academic background different than yours. Here, Mulholland adds,

“Readers from other fields offered an immediate way for me to shape these new ideas by adapting the most interesting concepts and methods from fields other than my own.”

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We will work both as readers, editor and proofreaders for your dissertation. And if you want our help proofreading reports – you will obtain that as well.

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