Duplicate content check service

Why is a duplicate content check important?

website content checkerNo one likes it when someone steals their work and using duplicate content on the internet can cause you many problems. Using someone else’s ideas and words without permission is illegal and all authors are protected online by copyright laws. Sometimes we find ourselves using other people’s work unintentionally due to not fully understanding the rules; this is especially true for photographs and other images. It can also happen if you use others to generate the content for your websites and do not carefully check what they provide. Whatever the reason is for having duplicate content on your site it can seriously harm your rankings if you are seen as just a duplicate of something else that already exists online.

What to do about duplicate content

If you find that your works are being used illegally you can provide a notice to the site owner through the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). This will require you to remove the content from your site or face legal action. While you could as a site owner just ignore the notice if you think that the owner of the material you have copied will not take you to court, the owner however can also send a DMCA notice to the company through which your site is hosted and they will remove your website if you do not comply. It is also possible to send the notice to Google and the other search engines and they will cease to list your pages in the search results. So having copied material on your sites can cause you to lose traffic and get you in some serious trouble.

The importance of our duplicate content check

Our website content checker can review your site carefully to reveal any potential issues with plagiarism either intentional or unintentional. This will allow you to take action and prevent your site from being hit with any penalties. Our service including proofreading website or website editing services is very easy to use and we will ensure that your site is completely through of copied material.

How will our duplicate content check work for you?

We are a professional online company that works specifically with ensuring that websites are free of errors that will affect their rankings. We also ensure that your content is engaging and unique so as to ensure that you get the best possible rankings through the search engines. We offer full support for all of our clients;

  • On time delivery for all services
  • A full money back satisfaction guarantee
  • Around the clock friendly support and ordering
  • Highly confidential services
  • Very competitive pricing that is not going to break the bank

So if you want to ensure that your web pages are not going to penalized for plagiarism or any other issues just contact us for a highly efficient duplicate content check and we will help you to correct your issues and increase your traffic.