FAQ on Cheap Online Proofreading

Is this service for me?
If you are a writer, author, publisher or in a similar business, you will need cheap proofreading. Otherwise too, you will need it before submitting your high-school or college essays. Proofreading paragraphs will help us to refine your document further. Therefore, you must try our cheap online proofreading service.

Is it economical?
Our pricing models are tailor-made for students. This means that we are able to offer the lowest rates for proofreading services to everyone. What is more attractive is that we offer services even after we have delivered the product. That is, in case you have some problems even after the document has been delivered, we do small alterations, additions and deletions absolutely free of cost! Technical proofreading, which otherwise is very costly, is done at one of the lowest rates in our service.

Can’t I just do the entire thing myself?
Of course you can! But experts say that a third eye is must to notice the mistakes that you otherwise overlook. And this is why an outside opinion is a must. Proofreading sentences is what we love doing and that is why are always enthusiastic about new assignments. It is because of the same reason that we are so good at it. Our proofreaders are qualified and certified for the job.

What about privacy?
We are always concerned about the privacy of our customers. So while proofreading an essay, or any other document, the contact and other information of the client is not shared with anyone. Only the project manager is in touch with the client and so only he can access the client’s information. We ensure that there is no leakage on our part.

What about delivery on time?
Our service has a cent per cent record of delivering results on time. This is also because of the systematic approach that we have towards the work. We ensure that proper procedures are followed so that there is no scope of any error.

Still, if you have any doubts regarding the entire proofreading service, you can leave a mail at the email ID given in the contact us section.