FAQ on Professional Proofreading

More and more people are writing content either for their blogs or websites. Still people are still writing their proverbial resumes, articles and books which definitely need to be proofread. After you have written your work, you will need it to be read again and again after you have posted or published it. The one way to ensure that it does reach the millions out there is by having professional proofreaders going through it. To help you understand the whole professional proofreading business here is some of the common questions that get asked by many people.

What exactly is proofreading?

Proofreading is to read a piece of work with the intention of pointing out mistakes, correcting them and ensuring that the final work is flawless and coherent.

How do I know that my work has been proofread?

We are a professional team that has over the years garnered a lot of experience and expertise. We will go through the work with you step by step and point out to you exactly what mistakes have been made.

What should I include in my order?

When you make your order ensure that you fill in all of the fields that are asked for on the order form and provide us with the documents that you require to have proofread or edited. Any background information that you can provide will be highly appreciated and will help us to ensure that your paper is finished perfectly.

Why should I trust you to proofread my paper?

We have been in business for many years already and plan to do so for many more to come. To fail a client means to lose customers, we are experienced enough to know that. Our vision is to expand our venture and not to ruin it! We ensure that all of our clients will work with the very best qualified proofers.

How do I pay for the order?

We offer only secure payment method through your credit card. We guarantee that all your data will be completely confidential and will not be revealed under any circumstances.

Who will do the proofreading?

Our team consists of only English native speakers who have an appropriate degree and have passed all the required tests. We take great pride in people we work with because they are real experts in what they do.

Are all professional proofreading services charged the same?

Our services are charged as and per the content, length and deadlines are given. All clients will be charged differently because standardizing the charges would be unfair to some clients. There is, however, a basic minimum charge that you should pay should you work be very little.

How long should I wait for my work to be proofread?

Normally clients come with work having a deadline in mind. We on the other hand generally revert with already done work within 24 hours after it has landed in our hands. Our professional proofreaders always work to submit the work in the shortest time possible. We will have a special concession with you if your work is bulky.

How will I send my work to you?

All you need to have your work reach our desk is by emailing it. Unlike earlier decades, most people have their work on softcopy and it for this reason that we encourage clients to send their work via email. Still there are people who prefer to hand over hardcopy of their work. All is work and we are happy to offer our professional proofreading service.

What if I am not satisfied with the result?

In case this does happen, you may be sure that we will refund the costs sent to us. However, we will make sure that we submit only professional and quality results!

No more mistakes: our professional proofreading service will help you express yourself in better ways!