FAQ on Proof Website

Perhaps the most popular question directed to our proof website regards our English proficiency. English is spoken differently in North America than it is in the United Kingdom or Australia. Caribbean and various African spoken variants are now transferring into the written word. Moreover, different dialects have arisen in some Southeast Asian countries. People want to know which of these our proof website is most comfortable with. We’re happy to announce that the staff at our proof website can handle various forms of English as long as we’re told before hand what’s necessary.

Frequently Asked Proof Website Questions

Q) Can your proof website correct any kind of document?

A) Our proof pictures website crew is able to handle articles, letters, essays, reports and numerous other pieces of writing.

Q) Does website proof reading also extend to technical content?

A) Different members of the website proof crew have different diplomas. Some of these are in fields where they’ve come across this type of content before. We’d be happy to work with it.

Q) Can I upload content directly to your website?

A) Uploading or emailing us content for corrective purposes is easy. We can accept processed documents, rich text files, plain text files and several other formats.

Top Proof Website Answers

Q) Can you do website proof reading for academic assignments?

A) Our service is discrete, which makes it ideal for both professional and academic work.

Q) Can you provide a website proof for translated material?

A) We can do proofreading even for machine translated content that needs to be heavily corrected to be readable.

Website Proofreading Questions

Q) Do you offer a guarantee?

A) Yes, if you need to have a piece of writing looked at again after we proofread it we’d be happy to do so. Fortunately this sort of thing is seldom even really an issue all things considered. We almost always walk away with happy clients the first time.

Q) Do you maintain any sort of intellectual property control on corrected content?

A) No, we don’t maintain any sort of intellectual property demands once we return corrected content over to you. We do not consider it our copyrighted work and it’s totally yours to keep.