FAQ on Professional Proofreader

It is important to have all your questions answered about the professional proofreader we assign to work on the document for which you need this service. We have tried to provide you with the answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive at ProfessionalProofreading.org. In this way we are certain that you will agree that we have the best professional proofreaders to work with when you want to be sure you have the perfect document to submit to a professor or a publisher.

What training does each professional proofreader have?
Each professional proofreader on our team has extensive training in the methods of proofreading and editing documents. In addition to this training they have years of experience as writers, proofreaders and editors. We have a series of tests that each one must pass before being hired and we have measures in place to ensure that all proofread documents are perfect.

Will I be able to choose a proofreader online?
You will not be able to choose the specific proofreader online to work with. We preview the order you place for a professional proofreader and we assign the best person on the team to work with you. We have online proofreaders skilled in various disciplines so that they know the technical language that applies to your topic.

Would I be able to receive immediate service from a professional proofreader?
We do everything possible to meet your deadline. Of course, the price for such immediate service will be a bit higher than if you were able to provide us with more time.

Why are your prices for professional proofreaders so much lower than the competition?
We are well aware of the importance of having professional proofreading service for all documents. We take care of proofreading book manuscripts, dissertations and thesis writing as well as documents of shorter lengths. We know that you want the best service at the best possible price and this is what we provide at ProfessionalProofreading.org.

Do you just check for spelling and grammar?
Spelling, grammar and punctuation is only a small part of the work you receive from a professional proofreader. We check the content to make sure it is organized properly, formatted in the correct way and that it conveys your meaning in the proper way.

If you have any other questions about using a professional proofreader you only have to contact us for the answers. Get the best service from ProfessionalProofreading.org.