FAQ on Who Would Proofread My Paper

What should I include in my order?

When you make your order ensure that you fill in all of the fields that are asked for on the order form and provide us with the documents that you require to have proofread or edited. Any background information that you can provide will be highly appreciated and will help us to ensure that your paper is finished perfectly.

Why should I trust you to proofread my paper?

We have been in business for many years already and plan to do so for many more to come. To fail a client means to lose customers, we are experienced enough to know that. Our vision is to expand our venture and not to ruin it! We ensure that all of our clients will work with the very best qualified proofers.

What is your privacy policy when you proofread my essay?

Whatever knowledge we have about our clients and their papers or documents stays with us. We adhere to a zero tolerance policy when it comes to customers’ information. Rest assured that you are safe with us!

Who will proofread my paper once I place my order?

We can never say for sure who will work on your paper, but we can guarantee that it will be somebody that is really acquainted well with your area of study/application and is a professional academic proofreading expert. We employ writers, editors and proofreaders that hold a postgraduate degree in a field relevant to your work. In addition our staff also have in depth knowledge of your curriculum or course and are also native English speakers.

How long will he take to finalize my order to proofread my essay?

When you make your order you can select the timeframe within which you require the work to be completed which can be as quick as just 24hours. We always aim to ensure that we will meet your required deadlines ensuring that you will always get to submit work on time.

How can I be sure that my order to proofread my paper will be done properly?

We only employ the best to achieve the best for our clients. Our staff are some of the very best qualified you will find online and their work is closely monitored at all times to ensure that we always provide our clients with the highest levels of satisfaction.

Will my paper be plagiarized in any way?

Never! We only custom tailor your specific paper for you. It has never been used before, and it will never be used for any other customer. You can rest assured that the final version of your paper will pass any test for plagiarism!

What topics does your writing service cover?

Just about all areas of interest to students or academic applicants. This includes thesis, statements, academic literature and many other fields of interest. Contact us to ask about your specific requirements!

If you have more questions on how to proofread my paper, contact us today!