FAQs on Online Proofreading Test

Samples of some of the questions our customers ask:

Is it possible to track plagiarism while using your online proofreading services and how does it work?
Yes our team of experts have developed a program which is incorporated in the proofreading while doing the proofreading online to help our clients who include bloggers, students, working professionals and writers track any plagiarized work. How it works is simple, you upload your document, place your payment and specify how quick you need the document. The more urgent the document is needed, faster you need the service to be done, the higher the payment and vice versa. This is one of the services that make our service to stand out from other online proofreading services.

How do you ensure that the proofreading is up to the standard of the client?
We have a vast of a bank of professional proofreaders. We don’t employ faceless proofreaders. We select personal, and make sure that each is highly respected in his/her field. They are all native English speakers with a minimum of a Master degree in their respective field. This makes it hard for them to ever go wrong while designing specific programs to run the online proofreading checks.

Is the information I provide to your online proofreading kept in confidence or at one point it is shared with other customers?
Our IT system incorporates the latest security technology that ensures no leakage occurs while doing the online proofreading. We guarantee that all your information including your name, is never divulged to a third party at any given time.

>What type of people approach your organization for proofreading services.
Our data base include all sorts of people ranging from professors, college students, high school students and business people. In many cases customers asked for our services because it was rejected on the first submission due to so many errors in English spelling and grammar. Publishers contact us with their publication for proof reading services before they publish it.

Do you do proofreading for the government?
Yes, and we develop for them custom services to make them meet their objectives and work to their deadlines. You will be able to access our services through the exclusive corporate link on our website.