Frequently Asked Questions on How We Proofread Dissertations

I have written on a very difficult topic, can your dissertation proofreading service handle my order?

We have proofread dissertation topics that were extremely complex with no difficulties. We have a highly qualified and professional proofreading team available to review your documents on any topic.

Why should I choose your service to proofread my paper?

Our proofreading services are based solely on quality. We proofread dissertation papers for the sole purpose of helping you be successful in your academic endeavors. Our reputation precedes us and we guarantee you will be completely satisfied.

Is your proofreading service confidential?

Absolutely! We agree to only proofread dissertation papers, not share your information with anyone else. Any information you provide to our company is strictly confidential.

When will I get my dissertation returned?

We will immediately assign your dissertation to one of our professional proofreaders and they will immediately go to work proofreading your document. We will return your document at or before your deadline. We have a variety of options available to choose from to proofread dissertation documents, so if you need your paper returned within 24, please let us know as we have an emergency option.

How do I receive my proofread dissertation?

We will send you the final draft via email and you have the option of choosing your preferred format.

Will I know ahead of time the price of my proofread dissertation?

Yes. Before you order from our services you will know how much the price is before we begin working on your dissertation.

Are there any proofreading tips I should be aware of?

We will highlight all of the errors in the document and before we make any changes we will get your approval for our suggested proofreading tips.