Frequently Asked Questions about Our Affordable Editing Services

Is your editing service cheap?

We like to say that our editing services are affordable editing services; cheap has connotations of poor quality while we pride ourselves on providing a higher level of service through our affordable editing services.

How do you maintain affordable editing services?

Poor quality costs a business deal; if you do not look after your customers you lose them. By providing a superior service we keep our clients returning for more affordable editing services as well as recommending our services to others. This means we spend less money on finding new clients and do not have to spend our precious time and money on dealing with complaints and other issues which add cost to the overall service.

Can you edit my technical business report?

We offer editing services for many different needs. We can provide academic editing from high school essays through to your theses. We provide business editing for everything from business plans through to tenders for new business. We can also help people with editing their resumes or even in getting their book ready for publication. We employ a wide range of editors with differing qualifications and experiences to allow us to cover just about any circumstances through our editing service.

Are your editors qualified?

Our editors are both qualified and experienced editors as well as being holders of higher degrees. We only accept the best for our editing service and put them through a series of tests before we allow them to edit papers for our clients. If they do not meet our standards consistently we will not employ them.

How do you select the editor for my work?

We use the right editor for the job. If you are looking for edit services to review your dissertation then we would assign an editor with experience in editing dissertations and other academic papers. They would also be a holder of a higher degree in the subject in which your dissertation is based. The same goes for business writing if you needed a technical report about software editing the editor would be a highly qualified IT professional with experience in editing technical reports of these types. Only by having an understanding of the subject can the editor really manage to do a good job.

Is your editing service guaranteed?

Our affordable editing services are covered by a satisfaction guarantee, should you be unhappy with the editing then it will be reviewed free of charge. In the very highly unlikely event that you were still unhappy, we would offer to return your money. However, we aim to ensure that you are satisfied in the first instance every time you use our service.