How Our Online Proofreader Works

Our online proofreading services are the simplest to use. We don’t complicate the work you give us. We take the shortest time possible to come up with the final document. We help catch the mistakes to avoid losses of profits or marks for our clients. One single mistake can cause diverse damage to a business or profession. Proofreading is the final step of a writing process.

Steps followed

Once we receive your order i.e. a rough draft of your work, we invoice you the bill. You pay up front before we start the proof reading process. Now we have the payment and the agreement of a money back guarantee (just incase you will feel dissatisfied with our services), it is time for us to work. We go through your writing for content, organization and style. Next, it is grammar check; correct punctuation, check for interchange of those confusing words like “there” when you meant “their”; verb agreement, forms and ending; pronoun and noun agreement in number. All this done, our proofreading is almost done because that is the core of proofreading. You mess with the above, your document will have a distorted meaning from the original intend.

Why come to us and not the rest?

With our serene environment which is conducive for our proofreading work, we come up with nice programs that can detect all the above errors on our online service at the fastest time possible. At only 45 minutes, our online proofreading programme is in a position to proofread 1000 words, how do you like that?  We make sure after the shortest time possible, you get your draft, go through it, if pleased with it, we proceed to produce the final copy but if you have changes to be made, we do them and present to you the final document for use by your end user. And if, after receiving the draft, you feel dissatisfied, we wire your money back to you.

How fast is our online proofreading service?

We derive pleasure in satisfying our customers. One satisfied customer is more worthy than 1000 grumbling ones and that is the reason we take our time to develop programmes that produce quality and at the fastest time possible. Because we also believe that time is money and wasting it is always costly.