How Proofreading Services Work

thesis proofreading servicesWe are a professional firm that has been giving proofreading services to thousands of clients. We have a highly trained and competent team that is guaranteed to giving you the very best where proofreading is concerned. Because of the high professionalism that we exude and the sheer expertise that each of our team members comes with, we guarantee a number of steps that we follow and which will enable you to not only receive the best proofreading service but also enjoy the friendliness that we work with.

Here are the five steps that we follow when servicing our clients:

Step one
Step One
The first step involves you filling up a simple form giving us the outline of the work that you want us to do. You will fill details such as your name, the type of work that you want us to do and how large it is.

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Step Two
Set your deadline (min work turnaround is 24 hr) and pay for the order. Submit the payment via credit card. We guarantee completely safe money transferring process.
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Step Three
If you haven’t registered on our website, it’s time for you to do so. Go to the member’s area on our website and fill in all the required data to create your personal page where you’ll be able to communicate with the author and online proofreader assigned to you and monitor the writing process.¬†If you submit your order through our order form, the personal page will be created automatically. Just log in and wait until our team gets in touch with you.

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Step Four
We will print the document at this stage. The importance of doing this proof reading service is to help us detect mistakes. It is much easier to detect an error on a printed paper than on a screen.

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Step Five
We will read the work again. This time we will read the work out loud. Even though this to many people might seem regressing and irritating, we insist on doing this because one is forced to look at each work. When reading silently, you are more likely to skip some words and even fail to get the true meaning of a statement.

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Step Six
We will read the document from down going up. The importance of reading the work this way is to help us focus on each word that you have written.

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Step Seven
The final step that we will do when affording you cheap proofreading service is to refer the work to one of our colleagues. When your work is read by more than one other person who is a professional, you should rest assured that it will come out just perfect.

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Step Eight
Receive the final document and become another satisfied customer of ours!

Get in touch with us today, so we can provide you with the best proofreading services!