How To Edit An Essay?

Reviewing and editing an essay

The reviewing and editing of your essay are processes that go hand in hand as they do overlap each other. When you review an essay you start with the big picture and work your way down. The first thing in knowing how to edit an essay you have written, and review it, is to leave it alone for awhile before starting. The following steps are how to review an essay:

  • Check to see if you have fulfilled the essay assignment and addressed the issue you were meant to.
  • Did you provide enough evidence to support your thesis?
  • Check to see if your essay is organized as well as it could be.
  • Are your points made in a logical order that best supports your thesis? Are transitions made smoothly and logically from point to point?
  • Does your conclusion bring all your points together? Does it restate your thesis?

After examining the overall essay you will continue on to the more mechanical portion of the review which is the editing.

How to edit an essay

Editing is usually the last part of the whole essay writing process. You will be looking for such things as sentence structure, word choice, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and problems with punctuation. Knowing how to paraphrase in an essay can be useful in cutting your word count down. Paraphrasing is putting somebody’s written text into your own words while retaining the same meaning. A paraphrase is usually shorter than the original passage and should be attributed to the original source. The following are some suggested tips for editing that may prove helpful to keep from overlooking some mistakes:

  • Read through the essay several times, looking for different types of problems each time. For example one time for spelling mistakes, one time for punctuation, and one time for grammatical errors.
  • Reading your essay backwards helps with catching spelling mistakes as you are forced to focus on each word.
  • Most writers have certain types of mistakes they always make. If you are aware of yours, do a quick search for them.

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