How to Find Repeated Words

After you finish writing, take time to edit and revise a paper. One aspect you need to look out for are words that are repeated a number of times. Having repeated words in it makes your paper look less than proper. It can also show that you have a poor vocabulary. In this guide, you will learn how to find repeated words using Microsoft Word. If you have used this software before, then you may be familiar with its search function. On versions before 2007 one, you can pull up this feature by simply pressing and holding down the Ctrl then press the F buttons. In newer versions, however, the same combination can work but to get to the more advanced window, you need to click the down arrow and the right end of the search box or simply ask our expert resume editing service to help you out. 

How to Find Words

When you already pulled up the search box, you will see a bar that has a cursor blinking next to the words “Find what.” Type the word that you want to check for multiple repetitions “Find next button” and the word that you have typed on the search field will be highlighted. Pressing the same button will then highlight the next word. Using this method will help you find repeated words easily.

Common Repeated Words

In this part of the guide, we will take a look at the most commonly repeated words that you may also be repeated in your own papers. We will also discuss why they are usually repeated so that you can check if you also have the same habits.

  • Usually, Basically and Actually

These words are also commonly repeated when speaking. When used repeatedly in speaking, they become speech crutches where they are spoken when a speaker is thinking of something to say next especially if they are not really sure. The same can happen when you are writing. It is common that we write as we talk. If you find these redundant unnecessary words being repeated, eliminate them right away. You will be surprised that your sentences will still have the same meaning most of the time when you find repeated words like these and remove them.

  • Pretty (Pretty Much) and Probably

These words are weak qualifiers and may leave your sentences and paragraphs uncertain. You can use these words if you really want to convey uncertainty. Remember that you determine the certainty of your paper. Use more concrete words to convey solid messages.

  • Nice

Using this adjective too much may leave the readers an impression that you have a lack of imagination. When you find repeated words that are empty like these, eliminate them. Remember that it is your paper and you have total control of it. Be creative and add more substance to your paper by using various adjectives to give life to your paper.

  • Frankly and Seriously

If you use these words sparingly, they may convey the meaning that they have. Using them too much removes the credibility of the statements that they are used in. When they are used repeatedly, they become fillers. Fillers are similar to speech crutches because they are also empty and removal of them does not affect the message conveyed by the sentences or even the paragraphs that they are being utilized in.

Feel free to ask our help to find repeated words and our team will assist you with pleasure!