How to Fix My Essay with Comments

What can I do to fix my essay?

Improving or “fixing” your essay is achieved through revision, editing and proofreading. Revisions deals with the overall structure of your essay and how information is presented. To see if your problem is in this area read through your essay asking yourself if your paper plainly states its purpose in the first paragraph, and do you supply facts and data that support your premise. Editing is the step that follows revision. Repairing the mechanics of your essay falls into this category. Correcting grammatical errors and other mistakes is part of editing. It can also be thought of as a tune up for sentence mechanics. You want to craft sentences that are easy to read by choosing the best words and putting them together in the best way. Proofreading is the final step, where you will polish you essay by getting rid of any mistakes that weren’t caught earlier. Moreover, you may learn more about proofread my essay services on our site.

Which step is the most necessary to fix my essay?

Revision, editing and proofreading are all necessary and linked together. A summary makes it a little easier to see what area a problem falls in.

  • Revision- Occurs in early drafts. Big Focus. Organization of your essay, content selection, support and arguments for your position and conclusion reached
  • Editing- Continuous but more towards middle and end drafts. Technical focus. Word choice and usage, sentence structure, writing “style”
  • Proofreading-Final draft. Mechanics and polishing. Typos, spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors

Problems with organization and content may require a complete overhaul, while for other problems further proofreading may provide the fix you need.

I am still not sure exactly what to do to fix my essay

To fix essay problems you are having difficulty pinpointing, it may be helpful to have somebody read and review your essay or edit essay. As the writer you may be too close to the subject. An objective reader can point out things that you may not see clearly. The comments made will provide a way for you to focus on the problem area and get it corrected. Technical issues are easier to repair in most cases. Problems with your content and arguments could end up involving complete rewrites.

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