How to Identify Proofreading Editing Marks

How can proofreading editing marks help you?

Proofreading and editing is often best done using a hard copy of a document so that you spend your time actually looking for the issues rather than actually correcting then as you go. If you do editing on a computer you will often lose track of what you are actually doing while you make those corrections. So if you use a hard copy you need to mark up the text to show what needs to be changed and how. There are standardized marks and abbreviations that professional proofreaders and editors use to be able to undertake their work. Being able to recognize those editing proofreading marks is vital if you want to be able to take the work that has been edited and then make the required corrections.

What are the various proofreading editing marks?

There are many different editing and proofreading marks and abbreviations that you can use while reviewing your work. Normally just like your high school teacher you would mark them on the text using red pen so that they stand out clearly so that you can see them easily when it comes time to make the actual corrections. The following is a list of some of the more commonly used proofreading editing marks and symbols that you will come across;

  • # – Insert a space into the text
  • [ – Justify the text to the left
  • ] – Justify the text to the right
  • ]…[ – Center the text
  • ¶- Start a new paragraph
  • ˅ – Use a subscript
  • ˄ – Use a superscript

The following are some of the text based proofreading editing marks that can be used;

  • SP; Spell out the abbreviation fully
  • LC; Use lower case
  • Caps; Use capitals for the text
  • Ital; Change the text to Italics
  • BF; Use bold for the text
  • EQ; Equalize the spacing
  • FL; Align the text to the left
  • FR; Align the text to the right

Being able to use standardized proofreading editing marks allows you to edit the work and have another person work through to actually make the corrections as you require them to be made. These abbreviations allow you to quickly and easily communicate what needs to be done.

Our editors understand the different proofreading editing marks

We employ only highly qualified and fully experienced editors and proofreaders to work through our services. This ensures that we can do our work rapidly as a team if required ensuring that standardized proofreading editing marks are used and understood by all. This ensures that your documents will be efficiently proofread and edited quickly to a very high standard. So if you want effective proofreading and editing any document including novel proofreading by real experts that understand proofreading editing marks just contact us today.