How to Increase Your Vocabulary Fast

Having a great vocabulary is essential for our jobs or studies. It can help you convey messages effectively. When you have a great vocabulary, you can write documents that are interesting and not redundant. Also, having a great mastery of word usage reflects your education and people can see you as a person who knows what he or she is talking about. It is given that your credibility may be increased as you gain more vocabulary. In this guide, we will tackle the task of how to increase your vocabulary.

Tips on How to Improve Your Vocabulary

Tip No. 1: Context is Important

Study the context of the words. Studying a word list is never enough. Memorizing words with flash cards is the same too. You need to know what the word means and how to convey your message effectively by using the right words. Knowing a word without its context is the same as not knowing it at all.

Tip No. 2: Reading Mode

Read and read a lot! Read any kind of text you that you can find. When you read new materials daily, you can encounter unfamiliar words that you may find useful in the future. If you are reading a text, you are inclined to search for the meaning of a new word so that you will understand what you are reading. This is a great method on how to increase your vocabulary. Read for leisure and you will learn words naturally unlike forcing yourself to learn words that you see on word lists. You may even discover the proper and new ways you can use the words that you already knew. The quality of the words you know is as important as the quantity.

Tip No. 3: Relax and Watch a Movie

Watch movies. Try to watch as many genres of movies so that you will be exposed to different settings and the right words to use in them. Be open and watch the kind of movies that you do not usually watch. You might find yourself learning a lot of stuff along with misused words. Try to watch movies with subtitles so that you can read along while watching. This will allow you to use the words naturally in the future because you already know their contexts and the right way to say them. This is a very enjoyable tip on how to increase your vocabulary.

Tip No. 4: Practice What You have Learned

Another great way to extend your vocabulary is to write and speak using the words that you have learned. Simply memorizing them won’t do. In this tip, practice does make perfect. You will remember words and their contexts when you use them regularly and, at the same time, improve your writing and speaking skills. Write a weekly blog so you can sharpen your writing skills and utilize new found words. Use new words that you have learned when talking. These are just a few fun examples in learning words and using them properly.

Tip No. 5: Look it Up on the Go

“I am always on the go and do not have time to read and watch movies. Is there a tip on how to improve my vocabulary on the go?” Most of us has smart gadgets like phones and tablets. Download a dictionary application so that you can look up the meaning of words that you have just encountered. There are applications that do not require internet connection. Having a mobile dictionary can help you search for the meaning of new words in an instant.