How to Proof My Essay

Why proof my essay?

Proofreading is an essential part of the essay writing process. No matter how careful you are its almost certain that a few errors will sneak in. It happens to the best of writers. No professional writer would consider submitting work that hasn’t been proofread. Typos can slip by anybody when they occur, and our brains have a tendency to see what we intend to write as opposed to what is actually there, so even if you are paying close attention as you write, mistakes will be made. Moreover, you may learn more about proofread my essay services on our site.

What type of things should I look for when I proof my essay?

There are several types of mistakes that crop up when writing. The most common are spelling mistakes and errors in punctuation. Often spelling mistakes are just typos where a wrong key was struck which is one reason they are so common. The most common punctuation error when you proof read essay is with comma usage. Sentence structure and other grammatical errors occur less frequently but are still quite common. Verb tense and subject-verb agreement are two of the more common types of grammatical errors. If you write often you will be able to develop a personal list of the mistakes you make the most often and proof essay writing assignments specifically for those mistakes. For example if you know of certain words you tend to misspell you can go through your essay with the purpose of just checking that word.

What’s the best way to proof my essay?

Proofreading requires focus and concentration so you can pay close attention to detail. It is a bad idea to try and proofread if you are tired or distracted. Problems with the essays structure as a whole and with paragraph organization should be completed before starting to proofread which will focus more on the sentence and word level. Some things you can do to make your proofreading more effective

  • Take a break in between writing and proofreading
  • Search for the mistakes you make the most often
  • Read your text out loud
  • Look for one type of problem at a time, focusing just on that type of problem
  • Read through your paper backwards
  • Print out a hard copy of your essay and proofread the hard copy version as well as the version on your computer

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