How to Revise a Paper Effectively

Revising and/or editing is a very essential phase of writing a paper. Even the most accomplished of writers revise their work at one time. There is almost a hundred percent that you have committed a grammar error or two when writing. So how to revise a paper effectively? This guide will enlighten you on the aspects of editing and/or revising a paper.

After you finished composing a paper of some sort, you need to take a break. It does not matter if you step back for an hour, a day or even a week. The important thing is that you freshen up your mind so that you can have a better mindset and perspective on editing and/or proofreading your paper.

Things to Do in Revising a Paper :

1.      It takes practice. Try to start with just a small part of your paper. Try to focus on the simple aspects first like spelling and use of words then start climbing up to grammar.

2.      Read your work aloud. Read it slowly and clearly the ask yourself if it sounds right.

3.      Focus reading. Take a blank piece of paper and cover the lines below the one that you are reading. Lower the paper every time you finish a line. By doing so, you only focus on the line that you are reading and also avoid skipping a line.

4.      Check the flow of the paper. To correctly master how to revise a paper, you need to take into consideration the flow of your paper. Is the train of thought of your paper coherent and sensible? Does it convey your message properly?

5.      Check the length of the paper. Is your paper too long or too short for your message? Remove unnecessary words or sentences. Add important information the you have forgotten to include when you were writing.

6.      Mind your readers or listeners. You have the perfect idea of what you are trying to convey and they do not. Make sure that your message is being conveyed clearly and detailed. Also, keep it simple.

7.      Ask people’s opinion. Have your family members, friends or classmates read your paper and ask for their thoughts about it. Other people’s perspective can help you weed out some errors that you have missed and they can also contribute new perspectives that can help you with revisions.

The Structure is Important

Another great tip on how to revise a paper is to check its structure. You need to make sure that it has the three main parts of a good paper. These parts are the introduction, the body or context and the closing or ending part. Make sure that these parts are connected and has a single main theme. Structuring your paper properly can make your message more understandable and easy to listen or read. Do not forget that the title of your paper also has an impact. It should reflect and briefly describe the purpose of your paper. Do not make it too long. Similar to the title, headings and sub-headings should also be short but very relevant to the contents that follows them.

On Sentences and Phrases

Another thing you need to know about on how to revise a paper are the correct way to utilize sentences and phrases. The sentences should be short, clear and logical. They should also have a smooth flow in conveying ideas. The sentences and phrases should be consistent with the tone of the topic.