How to Revise My Essay after Professor’s Review

How is it different to revise my essay than to edit it?

Editing an essay refers to structural corrections that are made within an essay. It would include corrections or changes in grammar, correcting punctuation mistakes, wrong word usage and other mechanical changes. Essay editing service is also making the types of changes that will make a sentence read better and provide smooth transitions from sentence to sentence. Revision deals more with the essay as a whole and deals with the complete layout of the essay. Things such as presenting ideas logically and in the correct order, providing evidence to support your statements and staying focused on the point you want to make are some of the things considered in a revision. A revision will be done before an edit.

How do I revise my essay?

The questions of how to revise an essay or how to proofread an essay are best answered by asking yourself questions about the essay itself. Did your paper state a main topic or theme clearly? Did it state a purpose or take a position on the topic? Did you supply evidence to support your topic? By asking yourself these questions as you go through your paper you can improve it by adding or removing information, reordering and restructuring paragraphs, basically laying out your essay in a more logical manner. If revising based on a review address the specific points made in the review. Editing must then be done since things like moving paragraphs around and adding or removing information will likely create some structural difficulties with grammar and punctuation. how to proofread an essay

Will I have to proofread after I revise my essay?

Of course. Proofreading is always the final step after any change to correct any spelling, punctuation or grammar errors. Some methods that help improve proofreading efficiency follow.

  • Read your paper out loud
  • Read your paper backwards
  • Focus on one sentence at a time by covering the rest of your essay with a piece of paper
  • Read through the essay several times, focusing on only one type of problem at a time. On 1 pass look for spelling errors, the next pass punctuation mistakes and so forth
  • Know yourself. You are likely familiar with certain mistakes you make the most often. Do a search for them

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