How We Work on Online Proofreading

Step #1

The first step to online proofreading is to get your content together. Your content can be sent to our website or emailed to us directly. There’s a form that’s pretty easy to fill out for anyone who wants to get in touch with our online proofreading organization. Make sure that the content is in a format that we can open up.

Step #2

Online proofreading crews will be assigned your work. Depending on the content we might give it to different people who may be more familiar with the topic at hand. This increases the chance they won’t remove anything vital and will phrase things correctly.

Step #3

Our online proofreading staff will then start to look over the text and make all the corrections that they deem necessary. Naturally they’ll have these marked if so asked so you can see what the issues were, though most clients find this superfluous.

Step #4

If you have any particular instructions to share with our online English proofreading specialists you can feel free to do so at any time. You don’t have to wait for a middleman to get in touch with you since each of our writers are trained to stay in touch with their individual clients.

Step #5

Once they’re done with the actual online English proofreading, our writers will return their work and generally there is no further action needed. While rewrites are permitted if necessary, the very natural of proofreading online usually prevents them from being so. Our English proofreading online specialists are trained in the language arts, so they generally don’t cause too much grief.