How Will You Proofread My Essay?

Proofread My Essay in Five Easy Steps

“How will you proofread my essay?” students ask. It’s easier than you think. We offer a simple five step method to ensure that your proofread is high quality and up to your standards.

Place Your Order
The first step of getting your essay proofread is to place an order. Choose how many pages you want proofread and decide how fast you’d like the process finished. Once you’ve made your selection, you’re ready to move on to step two in the proofreading process.
Proceed with the Payment
Now that you’ve indicated what you want proofread and the urgency of the project, you can go on to the payment step of the process. Have your payment information ready and make sure you’ve correctly entered the proofreading details of your project in step one.
Receive First Draft in Advance
After you’ve submitted your essay to be proofread, you will receive back a first draft of corrections. Here, the proofreader will have looked over the paper and made the corrections they think are most needed. If the proof of your essay isn’t exactly what you wanted, that’s okay. You can tell them so in the next step.
Review and Comment
Now is your chance to comment on our editor’s proofread of your essay. Perhaps you are thinking “I’d prefer if you’d focus more on simplifying the grammar when you proofread my essay.” Let our editors know more about what you want and they will make sure to tweak the proofread more in the direction you want.

Get the Final Copy
The fifth and final step of the process is to deliver the final proofread of the essay to you, corrections made exactly as you desired and in the timeframe you wanted. In five easy steps your essay has been polished into a high-quality, professionally proofread document set to be read by anyone.