Landing page optimization best practices

Why are landing page optimization best practices important to your site?

landing page optimization best practicesYour landing page is where you are looking to convert your visitors into paying customers or leads for later direct marketing. It is where you offer them that irresistible deal and get them to sign up. Many sites do not spend enough time on their landing pages and as such fail to convert a large number of their visitors letting a large amount of potential revenue slip through their fingers. A few simple improvements to many landing pages can increase the conversion rate significantly so it is vital that you follow landing page optimization best practices.

Our landing page optimization tips

The following are some or the landing page optimization best practices that we would recommend that you follow to ensure that you gain and convert the maximum number of visitors;

  • Do your keyword research first; ensure that there is a sufficient volume of searches, make sure that there is not too much competition, ensure that the keywords have buyer intent so that they are looking to either buy or sign up for your offer
  • Less is more; don’t make your landing page cluttered and hide what you want the visitor to do
  • Make sure that the title of your landing page clearly reflects your call to action
  • Make sure that your call to action is clear and that the visitor knows what they will get and how to collect
  • Be concise; don’t use more words than you need to for any part of your text. Stay relevant and focused
  • Use bullet points to highlight benefits
  • Use images that add to your message, not that distract from it
  • If possible remove all site navigation so that there are no temptations for the visitor to click away
  • Focus on what your offer will do for the reader, not what the offer is
  • Don’t ask for more information than you really need; people are wary about having to provide full names, and dates of birth etc. Often it is enough to ask for a first name and an email address
  • Use testimonials, people would rather here what other customers have to say than listen to you say how good things are
  • If you can be specific; give facts and figures to support any claims rather than making vague claims
  • Tell them to take action; make it very clear what you want them to do

We can help with landing page optimization best practices

You can use our website editing serviceslanding page optimization services and any professional service that can help you to improve all aspects of your website increasing traffic and conversions as well as visitor satisfaction with your site in general. We do this by using only highly qualified and very experienced website editors and copy writers that know exactly how to improve your website for the benefit of your visitors. We also provide you with;

  • Full proofreading on all text to ensure it is error free
  • Plagiarism testing to confirm your landing page is unique
  • A full satisfaction money back guarantee
  • On time delivery at all times

So if you need help with landing page optimization best practices just contact our experts today and we will help you boost your conversion rates at a price that is not going to break the bank!