List of Proofreading Symbols: Your Own Manual

Many of us are not aware of the online symbols that are used to proofread any content in the best possible way. These symbols are available in Microsoft’s Word or Excel document. There are many benefits of relying upon the proofreading symbols. All the spellings and other mistakes are rectified efficiently by using the symbols. The major benefit of using proofreading symbols is to get your edited draft in less than your estimated time.

The proofreading is actually based on many factors that should be considered for getting a well-edited document. There is a list of proofreading symbols that would help you out in editing any kind of content in a proper way. Have a look at some useful proofers marks that you might not know before.

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Proofers Marks You Must Try to Proofread the Content

At first, proofreading may seem like a very confusing and time-consuming task. But as with everything in life, everything gets easier if you practice.

This list of proofreading symbols is enough to make you an expert proofreader yourself:

  • Layout Symbols: bad break, break or rebreak, begin a paragraph, run in text, center move down, move up, move right, move left.
  • Formatting Symbols: wrong font, roman type, underscore, italic type, boldface type.
  • Punctuation Symbols: brackets, parenthesis, exclamation point, question mark, quotation marks, apostrophe, em dash, en dash, hyphen, ellipsis, colon, semicolon, period, and comma.
  • Core Symbols: equal space, small caps, lowercase, uppercase, spell out, transpose, space, delete and close up, close up, delete, insert.

All of the discussed symbols are used for the proofreading of any kind of text no matter whether it is done by a person or a paraphrase generator. Make sure that you know about the right use of these symbols to edit the content properly. These symbols are being highly used by professional proofreaders in different organizations. However, the students and first-time users can also find it simpler to proofread content by using these symbols. It is not troublesome at all.

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Tips You Should Know about Copy Editing and Proofreading Symbols

There are numerous things we commonly hear about the proofreading. Some are myths while some information is based on factual data. If you’re looking for authentic suggestions about proofreading, then follow these useful tips to follow next time when you proofread your content. Have a look at these amazing proofreading techniques.

  • The multiple revision of content is best to catch more errors that you may miss in the first turn. Therefore, read the content as many times until you get fully satisfied as unable to find more mistakes.
  • It’s better to do online copy editing and use proofreading symbols after doing full manual correction. Editing done by human is considered as more effective as compared to relying upon online tools.
  • When doing the proofreading, the first thing you need to consider is to underline the errors at once and perform editing in the end. It is really worth doing as compared to making corrections on the spot.
  • Many expert proofreaders begin editing the content from backwards rather than the actual order of the text. In the end, the best way is to check the list of proofreading symbols and use them for final draft correction. But don’t forget to do it by yourself in the beginning.
  • Proofreading requires more concentration than simple grammar editing of the content. If you think that it is possible to do with multiple other tasks, then you can’t reach the actual goal of adjusting your text in a proper way. Proofreading is the method of rectifying typographical errors of your content that is not only possible through any online program or software.
  • Never proofread the content straight after writing the text. Give some time and then begin rectifying typographical errors. It would be very helpful for you to proofread the content in a right manner.

There is a simple guide that shares list of proofreading symbols with you. Follow this list to edit all typographical errors out from your content.