Manuscript Editing Proofreading Services

Why Use a Manuscript Editing Service?

manuscript proofreadingManuscript proofreading and editing is very often a big job. It is virtually impossible to do a good proofreading and editing job on a manuscript you have written yourself, due to your closeness to the material and the length of the manuscript. Even the best professional writers have editors proofread and edit their manuscripts. By virtue of the fact they are longer than most documents, manuscripts inherently have more errors and mistakes than other papers. Editing & proofreading a manuscript that is important to you shouldn’t be left up to a friend or relative who has good intentions but lacks the qualifications necessary to do a proper job. For a manuscript to be well edited you need a professional service that has the qualifications to do the job right.

Our Manuscript Editing Service

We offer a manuscript editing service that is among the best of those available online. There are currently many manuscript editing services available online as a quick search will reveal. However, few if any of these services can match the quality of proofreading and editing we provide. The reasons we can provide such high quality work include:

  • Live editors – We don’t depend on software for proofreading and editing jobs. Software editors leave many mistakes and often have difficulty with handwritten manuscripts despite advances in technology.
  • Editors who are native English speakers – For manuscripts written in English, the best proofreading and editing is provided by those who have English as a first language. This is critical for catching every nuance of the language and understanding slang terms and colloquialisms.
  • Academic credentials – Our editors all possess college degrees, with many having masters and PhD degrees, ensuring that the editor working on your manuscript has the right academic credentials to do the work.
  • Experienced editors – The professional editors we use have extensive experience manuscripts or any text proofreading and editing. We are not a training ground for new editors. Those editing your manuscript have proofread and edited many other manuscripts before yours.

Advantages of Using Our Manuscript Editing Service

There are other benefits of using our manuscript editing service aside from the quality we provide, although our main focus is on quality. Additional advantages of using our service include the following:

  • Guarantees on all of the work we provide, that it completely satisfies all of your requirements and is delivered on time.
  • Budget friendly rates that are affordable. Discounts are also available.
  • Customer support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Fast and easy online order and payment process

Contact us for professional manuscript proofreading and editing and see for yourself why we are the best at what we do.