Most Used Cliches in Writing Student Essays

A cliché is an overused expression or idea. It is not a very good idea to include it in your student essays. Clichés in writing a student paper should be avoided so that whatever you write will be interesting and very refreshing. Be unique and compose an original essay. In this guide, we will look at the common clichés usually used in writing, why they they should be avoided and some tips on how to formulate more organic ideas.

Tip No.1: Do not use borrowed and/or stolen stories.

When writing an essay, you can start with a short story that is relevant to the message that you want to convey. Make sure that you write one that is from your very own experience or even invent a new one. The important thing is that is of your own making. You can of course use plots that are somewhat similar to other stories but spice it up with your own style to avoid clich in writing. Never ever steal a story because it is just plain stealing.

Tip No. 2: Resist the temptation of using anything sensational.

Writing about dramatic subjects can be very tempting if you aim to make your essay interesting. As much as possible, find new subjects that are fresh. The readers of your essay may find your work boring since sensational topics are already written in many papers. Write about something that you think other people does not know yet. Reading about something new is a lot better than reading tired  and old writing clichés.

Tip No. 3: The truth is more interesting than what you have led to believe.

The problem with clichés is that they often do not show the real aspects of certain topics. They utilize stereotypes that do not exhibit the reality of a situation or the true nature of a person. A detective is often depicted as a grumpy, streetwise and cigarette smoking middle-aged man but in reality, most of them are well mannered and health conscious professionals. Using stereotypes and misspelled words in your student essay is one of the clichés to avoid.

Tip No. 4: Love what you write.

Even if you use tried ans “effective” ways to write your essay, it will still come out dry and uninspired if you yourself does not have any interest on it. Make sure that before you write, condition yourself to write something that is dear to you. Write about something that you know by heart. In doing so, you can avoid clichés in writing and also produce a genuinely original piece that is fresh and interesting.

Tip No. 5: Surprise your readers.

Educators read a lot of essays on a weekly basis. They already know where the essay is leading basing on the tone of the first few lines. Make sure that you include twists in your paragraphs to catch the readers unaware with the help of extra services such as word to page converter. This will capture their interest and may read your essay up till the end. Surprising essays will leave impressions on the readers and you will be surely commended. Just as long as you remain unique and remember that you are an individual. To avoid clichés in writing, write about a subject the way that only can tell it.

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