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Sometimes you just have no time and need extra fast editing or cheap proofreading. There are a few options that can help you.

Advantages of Hiring Real Online Editors

Hiring a real editor has many advantages. If you were thinking of using a paper editor online free tool, then you should know that a real editor is better. A professional can make creative changes to your paper, something that a machine cannot do. They can also see if the sentences have been linked coherently and if they make sense together.

Unlike an online free paper editor tool, a skilled editor will deliver an impeccable document. They will help you improve your writing by doing a thorough language check. A professional editor will make sure that the appropriate terminology has been used correctly and that your paper has the right structure.

The Most Popular Online Editors

Stack Edit

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Stack Edit, a rich markdown editor, offers best user experience! The idea to assist edition services is marked with ease in usage and interface. You can add sync extension in the editor’s panel for enabling accuracy and enhancing output while writing.


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Markable is a remarkable online markdown editor! It provides powerful editor, auto save/resume feature, live preview, conversion from HTML to markdown, files sharing, quick downloads, social sharing and Dropbox integration. The tool is available for free!

Write URL

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Write URL is a real-time online text editor that provides services without registration and password! It offers several formatting features and also enables sharing and work collaboration. The entire experience is very secure and sound; your work history is saved and files are constantly maintained for better clarity.


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Quabel promises to make the entire writing experience easy and effective! This applications offers tool for errorless writing; it strives for distraction-free writing even in synchronization and offline mode. The idea is to create a friendly atmosphere of free flowing thoughts in writing!


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Hemingway editor provide effective writing ambience through web tool, software and applications! It highlights errors and strives to create short and crispy sentences. The errors are generally marked with red highlighter; yellow highlight indicates long sentences that can be modified. Hemingway is deep with identification of problems and offering suggestions.


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Draftin enhances your writing with easy controls and collaborative features! Create an account for using this amazing editor and feel the difference. Draftin dedicates detailed columns for hinting errors and suggests the most possible solutions. This online tool is subtle for creating user friendly experience.


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Nevron text editor is a free text processor that strives to replace Microsoft word with added features! This tool supports various text formats like .TXT, .RTF, .DOCS, >HTML, .PDF, etc. and supports character, paragraph, bullet/numbering, tables and image formatting for better interface. The software is available for free!


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CKEditor is said to be the best software for text editing! The editor is highly flexible and also offers add-on features. This user friendly software is available in three packages; basic, standard and full package with 17, 48 and 72 plugins respectively. CKEditor simplifies the process of web content creation.

Dark Copy

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Dark Copy works on the principle of peaceful concentration for writers! As a tool is quite basic and strives to enhance typing speed and productivity of writer. This free tool offers the function of saving file and full screen typing. Dark Copy is a black sheet of stress free writing!


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Firepad is an open source collaborative code and text editing tool! The user interface for this tool is very attractive and appealing; it invites the desire to write more. Firepad also displays the list of online member for group based experience. You can also download Firepad from GitHub!


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Makeitup is highly regarded as a lightweight, power packed, flexible and effective text editor engine! This service offers fine integrations, supports keybord shortcuts, easy toolbar with dropdown menu, clear preview with customizable and scriptable features. Makeitup takes text editing to different level!


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For effective content management systems, Create is best acknowledged for its modern content schemes! Create, as it says, ‘Makes anything editable’ with the help of amazing feature and technology. You can download this software for clarity in content and writing idea.


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WYSIHTML5 is an open source rich text editor based on HTML 5 technology! It offer sound features for text editing such as auto-linking of URLs, speech input method, security management, valid markup and fast interface. This software is supported by every prevalent browser!


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Redactor text editor excels in providing smooth, comfort and flexibility in user interface through effective designing and efficient API! The software is available in three packages; basic for $99, Professional for $199 and OEM for $499! Out of them, only OEM offers integration with open source projects. Redactor offers 30 days money back guarantee!

Nice Edit

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Nice Edit gives the freedom of editing text from anywhere; a lightweight, cross platform, inline content editor to allow effective editing of web content! Nice Edit offers demo in form of online sample tool for editing. But you can rely on genuine software for more accuracy!

Artsy Editor

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With the growing relevance of Word Press in the world of web, Artsy Editor provides specific text editor for Word Press writer. You can check the free demo of this awesome software by creating an account and signing up. Artsy Editor offers three plans; Hobbyist ($19.99), professional ($59.99) and developer ($199.99) for best assistance!

Aloha Editor

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Aloha Editor strives for providing finest editing experience for web application. With easy integration, smooth interface and friendly responsiveness, this open source works best for enhancing user’s understanding and knowledge. It offers full control in content API!

Mercury Editor

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A fully featured HTML5 editor, Mercury Editor is a renowned tool for content editing. The open source software offers simplicity in the best possible way and is regarded for its customizable features. You can check demo, visit project on GitHub and download Mercury for best use!

Online JavaScript Editor

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A simple JavaScript editor, Online JavaScript Editor can easily manage to integrate with any website for handling most basic formatting needs. You can evaluate the online tool for here and can also download software from the official website. This tool is a friendly resource for developers!

MooEditable by Cheeaun

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MooEditable is a simple web based editor with amazing features. It promises clean interface, customized features, tango icons, lightweight and responsive experience. MooEditable acknowledges minute details and thus makes the experience subtle for first time users.


My Text Area

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My Text Area is the simplest of all; it offers a blank page with no content and modification features! You can simply add your text in the plain web page, save it and use it later. This open source supports the concern of free flowing of idea!

Edit Pad

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Edit Pad (like My Text Area) provide users with a blank web sheet! The user can simply use this free tool for writing content online that can be later saved. The tab for ‘more’ features word count, character count, opens new window and related information. This tool is recommended for new users!

Fly Text

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Fly text is simple yet modified! You can witness a user friendly window for text editing with many features to modify content in the best possible way. Fly text comes with Dropbox log in for enabling cloud storage of documents. Fly Text also runs an active blog!

Ultra Edit

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Ultra Edit earns credibility as the finest text editor available! It allows large file editing in form of column/blog editing and supports power packed research features. You try this software for free but for best use go for the three paid packages: Updated Ultra edit ($39.95), Purchase Ultra Edit ($ 79.95) and Bundle offer ($99.95)!

Edit Plus

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Edit plus is a text editor available for windows; it is a versatile software for text editor, HTML editor, PHP editor, Java editor and Hex viewer! It is said to be an advanced replacement for basic notepad. Edit plus is trusted for offering kind feature for web page authors.

Web Wiz Rich Text Editor (RTE)

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This software is recommended for replacing standard text areas with advanced word-style HTML area. You can change any text in your site with the help of this tool; insert images, files, tables, etc with this tool. You can also download this software for free!

Sublime Text

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In case you are looking for text editor for codes, sublime text can be the most professional software for serving this need! The user interface is commendable and it supports some of the most extraordinary features.  Witness amazing responsiveness with this tool!

Text Editor

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Text editor is a freeware that focuses on creating dynamic platform for code development in more than 60 languages. This software is compatible with XP, Vista, Window7 and Window8. Text editor assures clean and safe experience and offers ease in quality service.

Here you go a list of the most popular online editors found on the web. Perhaps you choose the one that suits you most. Otherwise, there are a few more variants you might consider.

Advantages of Our Paper Editor Service

Our professional paper editor service has many advantages. You will benefit from them every time you place an order with us. Thanks to our reliable team, we can guarantee that you will always get a well-edited document. Check some of the advantages of our service:

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  • Refund policy. If you do not like our work, we will transfer your money back. All you need to do is contact our support team.

If you need professional online editors and not a free tool, then get in touch with our team!