Online Revising and Editing Help

Revising and Editing Services Online

There are many editing and revising services available online to answer the growing need. People are turning to these online services for help with resumes, academic work, business documents and website/blog articles and posts. Although there are many services to choose from, not all of these services provide the same quality of service. Care should be taken when selecting a service for revising, editing and proofreading tasks. They are often considered to be the same thing but there are differences in what they entail:

  • Revision – When revising a document, the overall document is considered, and there may be major changes to be made. This could consist of rewriting an entire document, altering the presentation of material, and eliminating or adding information.
  • Proofreading – Generally proofreading is performed after revising. Essentially it is looking for any mechanical mistakes that are made. This may be errors in, grammar, spelling, and punctuation, checking of facts and references, and seeing that style and formatting guidelines are met.
  • EditingProfessional editing online goes hand in hand with proofreading and is the correcting of mistakes found during proofreading. These are using minor mistakes that can be corrected without completely overhauling an entire paper.

Our Online Revising and Editing Service

We offer revising and editing services including thesis editing that are equal to or better than the other services available online. Our professional editors are native English speakers and all possess college degrees, many at the masters or PhD level. When we say professional we mean it. Editing and proofreading is what they do for a living. It is their career and they have extensive experience. We revise, proofread and edit any type of document looking at the following:

  • Overall flow of the text and readability
  • Grammar, spelling, punctuation and word usage
  • Fact and reference verification
  • Plagiarism checks
  • Style and formatting

Regardless of the type of document or its purpose, our editors approach it with professionalism, treating each document as if it is of the utmost importance. For every customer, their document is the most important and the level of our service reflects that we view your editing needs as seriously as you do.

Making Great Service affordable

We want our services to be available to everybody, and work hard at keeping our rates affordable without sacrificing quality. The experience and expertise of our editors actually works to help keep rates down, as we perform work quickly and efficiently. Discounts are always available and we give consideration to our regular customers. Additional benefits include:

  • Warranty on all types of work we provide
  • Nice and easy order and payment process
  • Consumer assistance 24/7/365
  • Full client’s confidentiality

Superior quality, affordable rates and a streamlined process make us the ideal service for handling all of your revising, proofreading and editing needs.