Professional Academic Proofreading Services

We offer a range of professional academic proofreading services for all disciplines and for all types of academic writing. If you are a graduate student just finishing your thesis or dissertation then the task of editing and proofreading the document is not one that you will look forward to tackling. This is where our services at can become your best friend. With our academic proofreading services we take up where you left off and make all the corrections and revisions for you. Academic proofreading involves reading documents students have written and making them perfect to submit for grading.

Expertise for professional academic proofreading services

What expertise does each academic proofreader with your company have for proofreading and editing a document for advanced degrees? This is one of the questions clients ask us before they decide that we do have the academic proofreading service they need. All of the proofreaders and editors we hire have advanced degrees, incredible writing experience of their own and years of editing and proofreading the writing of students. Many of them are professors in the discipline for which they are responsible for providing academic proofreading.

We have high quality standards for our professional academic proofreading services and monitoring procedures in place to ensure that all our proofreaders adhere to these standards when they work with you on a project. The academic proofreader will read the document several times to look for specific things, such as

  • Typographical errors
  • Errors in spelling
  • Errors in punctuation
  • Errors in grammar
  • Weak or vague vocabulary words
  • Organizational structure
  • Smooth transitions between paragraphs
  • Redundant sentences
  • Correct formatting
  • Proper use of citations or sources

Benefits of using our professional academic proofreading services

You don’t need to have your academic paper completed in order to place an order with We can proofread and edit your paper as you write each section. This is beneficial because in documents, such as theses and dissertations, the writing has to be submitted at different times. You have to write and submit a thesis proposal first and then complete a review of the literature. With our professional proofreading service you don’t have to take chances with your writing at any time.

Let our experts in professional academic proofreading services have the last word on your writing. Place your order with to get started.