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If you are currently an undergraduate student or enrolled in a graduate school program, are engaged in developing business relationships, preparing a manuscript for publication or conducting any kind of professional correspondence or submitting documents for someone’s purview, correct and effective writing is a must. College students typically have at least one extensive writing assignment per course, while undergraduate university students can end up with at least one or more research essays per course.

This usually adds up to a tremendous amount of writing per semester depending on the program, but in the end essays are assigned a large chunk of the final grade. Instructors set high expectations for their students and teaching assistants are trained to read papers quickly, efficiently and identify if the student has addressed the main issues analytically, critically and are in the proper format. Another main concern of educational institutions is plagiarism. Many colleges and universities across the United States and Canada have incorporated submissions through TurnItIn.

Even if you are an excellent student, writing and editing can be difficult tasks that are highly time-consuming. We can save your time so you can focus on other important things! Our online editing services are here to help you complete and polish any essay assignments. We provide only perfect essays as a final product!

Editing Services We Offer

We offer a wide-variety of professional writing services in addition to an online editing service. Our editors and proofreaders are professional, experienced and efficient!

Student Editing Services

Students are frequently busy, stressed out and overloaded with frustrating and demanding assignments that have short deadlines. Whether you need to complete an important course assignment on time, write an admission essay, scholarship essay or have your documents edited, our online editing services are available and affordable! We can help you with within the following areas:

  • Theses editing
  • Research essays editing
  • Dissertation editing
  • Personal statements or Admission essay editing
  • Resume, CV or cover letter editing (contact for a quote)

We are here to help you with any academic related editing (essays, theses, assignments, etc.) or any other career documents you need to be polished. We are available and open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Business Editing Services

Our online editing services employ experts who specialize in editing business related documents. Our professional editors and proofreaders are available and experienced in the following areas:

  • Business plan editing
  • Brochures, newsletters, proposal, marketing plan editing
  • Correspondence (emails, letters etc.) editing

Our professional staff will analyze your documents to select an expert editor who specializes in the particular area/context of the document. We ensure an absolutely perfect final draft upon delivery. We produce only high quality edited documents all the time and every time!

Personal Editing Services

Excellent writing skills are crucial when you need a professional looking and sounding resume and/or cover letter. The main purpose of a cover letter is to get your resume read, while your resume should lead to an interview. These documents must help you make a good impression on prospective employers. We employ a professional team of editors and proofreaders who specialize in a variety of personal documents. We work for you, with you, towards your career success!

Only the best editors and proofreaders are at your service!