Professional Book Editing Services

Our book editing services are tailored for the needs of novelists, journalists, script-writers and aspiring story writers or students enrolled in creative writing programs. In this service option, we provide services that go beyond typical spelling, grammar checks or organizational checks. Our professional book editing services recognize that your book or novel manuscript is a personalized, engaging and artistic endeavor. We have the special skills and extensive knowledge to perfect your final draft to make it sound exceptional! Our online book editing can help propel you on a literary career and prepare your manuscript for submission.

Patience, Skill, Knowledge and Expertise in Book Editing

Book editing services usually incorporate a diverse range of editing strategies. However, the most fundamental principle is to assign an editor who specializes in publishing, creative writing and has a passion for literature! We use our editorial skills, critical thinking and analytical skills to explore and discover your work. When editing a book our professional book editors do not rush through the process, but instead use their patience and skill to identify possible improvements and work on a style sheet based on your manuscript. You have complete control the editing process!

Did you know that a final edit can play a crucial role in the publication process?

Spelling, grammar, organization, flow and readability are assigned a great degree of weight by publishers.

Our book editors can identify and correct all and any issues present in your manuscript to ensure that it is 100% flawless!

You Control the Book Editing

Editing a book requires skills as well as patience and our book editing services are provided by professional in the industry! They have the skills required to check your writing for structural problems, proofread, markup and provide stylistic editing. Our book editing service will carefully introduce any corrections and when you receive your document draft it will include phrases, words and possible sentences that have been replaced or removed. You have the option of incorporating our suggestions or not after our manuscript editing.

Book Editing Services

Our professional book editing service can assist you with all editing aspects, including:

  • Determining content format/presentation (Eg. inclusion of tables, charts, graphs, graphics, art, etc.).
  • Crafting an summary outline and style-sheet.
  • Determining whether the document contains and/or elimination of redundancies, verbosity and/or jargon.
  • Organization of the material in an appropriate and logical structure while keeping in mind the initial format.
  • Determining an appropriate structure by suggesting possible additions, rearrangements and/or re-structuring.
  • Reviewing the book for ambiguous vocabulary and syntax and removing it if deemed necessary.
  • Attempting to preserve the style of the author and improve the flow of the work.
  • Determining whether the style, tone and point of view is appropriate for the targeted genre.
  • Determining the appropriate language for the report or book.

Be sure that your book will be edited and polished by the best book editing expert!