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manuscript editing servicesOur manuscript editing services cater to literary agents, freelance writers, novelists, academic researchers, bloggers, journalists or writers of all genres or walks of life. Even the most talented creative or research writers are not the most meticulous editors. We have hired some of the best professional editors to provide an online manuscript editing service that is convenient, affordable, efficient and tailored to meet the needs of writers who turn to us for assistance. We will make sure that your manuscript is polished, effective, flawless and ready for publication or submission!

Highest Quality Editing Services

Our manuscript editing services cover a diverse range of scientific fields, novel genres, research topics and just about any area that involves writing and publication!

We can edit the following types of manuscripts or documents:

  • Academic essays
  • Policy Briefs
  • Scripts
  • Research Essays
  • Diaries
  • Personal and official correspondence
  • School papers
  • Speeches
  • Drafts of literary manuscripts and other writings
  • Notebooks
  • Account books
  • Ships’ logs
  • Commonplace books
  • Autograph and commemorative albums
  • Scrapbooks
  • Press clippings
  • Subject files
  • Photographs
  • Legal and financial papers
Our editors have a great deal of experience, as evidenced by their track-record below:
  • Education materials — 1050 pages
  • Textbooks — 610 pages
  • Short stories — 245 pages
  • EBooks — 1265 pages
  • Full-length novels — 2010 pages
  • Single novel chapters — 498 pages
  • Multiple novel chapters — 545 pages
  • Self-help books — 321 pages
  • Poetry — 108 pages
  • Outline and/or synopsis — 89 pages
  • Screenplays and/or scripts — 453 pages

For peer-reviewed publication we can provide the editing services:

  • Research articles
  • Review articles
  • Brief communications
  • Invited Perspective articles
  • Special Issue Editorials
  • Comments and Replies
  • Book Reviews
  • Corrigenda

Any changes that are made by our manuscript editing team will be carefully explained and incorporated only after your approval. There will be direct communication between you and your personal manuscript editor to ensure a high-quality, productive and effective outcome. Our team is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality professional editing services possible! We have the capability to tackle any type of manuscript!

Special Care of Your Manuscript from Manuscript Editors

Our company took a look at the poor-quality editing services offered on the Internet and decided to create a convenient proofreading and/or editing online service that is affordable and professional. The main difficulty that writers usually experience is identifying mistakes, organizing content, and citing resources properly. This is sometimes not due to negligence, but because the mind automatically fills in what it thinks should be there. The writer is too close to the material to be objective and thus may unconsciously ignore any errors. Our manuscript editing services will check for the following:

  • punctuation
  • spelling
  • sentence structure
  • subject and verb agreement
  • proper word use
  • clarity
  • point of view
  • redundancies
  • inconsistencies
  • dialogue
  • flow
  • format

Our professional editors provide only the best manuscript services on the market and understand how hard you have worked on your document. We will not only preserve your voice, writing style and content, but enhance it! In addition, our scientific manuscript editing services will check the necessary terminology, keywords and any cited theories to ensure that it will resonate with peer-reviewers.

Working Towards an Effective Manuscript with Manuscript Editing Services

Our manuscript editing services are designed to help you polish your content, identify any possible weak points or other issues that may improve your manuscript. The result of communication with an editor will be a stronger, improved and effective manuscript that is free from typographical, spelling, grammatical and formatting errors. We will not rewrite your manuscript, we will only improve the existing writing and you will clearly see any changes and/or suggestions that have been made.

Let our manuscript editing service professionals edit and polish your manuscript to perfection!