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paraphrase essay online

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Why would you need to paraphrase essay online?

Paraphrasing is a task that not everyone can do in an effective manner. It is the process of rewriting an essay into completely new words while still maintaining the original meaning. This is not summarizing which will only reflect the main points of an essay and reduces it down to potentially a few lines or a paragraph or two: paraphrasing will typically result in an essay with a similar length to the original. There are several reasons for paraphrasing and you will have to master the skills required as it is something that you will need to be able to do as you progress through your education and do more and more research and paper writing.

Why do you need to paraphrase essay online?

Paraphrasing is typically done for just a few simple reasons:

  • To show your total understanding of the original essay by rewriting it
  • To make the original easier to understand by simplifying or improving the language used
  • To make it suitable for a different audience
  • To avoid any possible issues with plagiarism

Plagiarism is a big issue within academic writing and you should not use someone else’s ideas or writing without giving full credit to the original author. Failure to give credit through accurate citations and referencing can lead to a complete loss of credibility as a writer and could even see you removed from the course you are following.

How will we paraphrase essay online?

There are many online services that will use software to paraphrase an essay. This “spinning” software will work through the essay and change each word or short phrase in turn for its synonym. Unfortunately this more often than not results in complete garbage as many words have multiple meanings depending on the context of what has been written. The only reliable way to paraphrase is to use a skilled online proofreader and writer who understands the subject area of the original essay. Our writer will have a higher degree relevant to the subject area of the original essay allowing them to fully understand the meaning of the original. Our writer will paraphrase an essay by:

  • Reading the original essay carefully to ensure that they fully understand it
  • Make notes of all of the points that are raised within the original
  • Use their notes to rewrite the original essay
  • Compare the two essays to ensure that no portion of the original has been repeated and that the meaning has been preserved

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