Pay Attention on these Proofreading Mistakes

The Internet has been a godsend for writers with websites and blogs creating demand for content. Many people can now write full-time and live the dream they have always had. It doesn’t mean that this is all problem free. A terrible difficulty that has arisen deals with proofreading. It happens too many times that content is submitted with all types of mistakes.

Proofreading Mistakes Are Embarrassing

They come from all directions. It could be grammar mistakes or misspellings, but the result is content that looks as if it was written by an amateur. It can happen that the meaning of a sentence is totally destroyed because of an oversight. The same is true for manuscripts that are written. People will spend hours drafting text and they think that is perfectly fine. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. There can be some glaring errors and a very serious price will be paid for proofreading mistakes. Manuscripts can be rejected and clients refusing to pay for finished projects. It is extremely important to know the common proofreading mistakes and how to avoid them.

Fundamental Errors in Proofreading

This may sound odd, but familiarity is perhaps the most common proofreading mistake. The writer may have revised the text several times and is used to seeing the words. The grammar may be totally wrong, and the words are not what they are supposed to be. Familiarity is the biggest argument for having second pair of eyes take a look at the content. There is also a very heavy reliance on spellcheckers. We forget that there are many words are homonyms; they sound the same but have different meanings. Spellchecker may have overlooked a word as a result (e.g., allowing “suite” when the word in the sentence should have been “sweet”). A writer makes a terrible mistake by assuming the spellchecker is always good to get it right. There also can be assumption that a given word is the correct one to use when it really is not. A final problem is a temptation of the writer not to check for errors, but to do some more editing to the content. Proofreading is meant to look for mistakes only.

We Can Help With Proofreading

It is necessary that text has mistake-free grammar and proofreading must catch the errors. We use professionals who have done proofreading for both web content and manuscripts. These people will look over the sentences very carefully to be sure that no absent-minded problem is there. We understand that a writer may be under a very tight deadline. Our services come with an on time delivery guarantee. We will also backup our work with a 100% money back guarantee if the client is not satisfied. We do everything necessary to guarantee perfect content.

A writer’s reputation is built on accuracy. We can do the proofreading needed to make sure that there are no irritating problems. We wish to help writers produce professional content. Whether it is in manuscript or drafts for blogs