Professional tips on how to edit a website

Do you need to know how to edit a website?

how to edit a websiteKnowing how to edit a website is vital if you want to ensure that your website is going to impress your readers and gain top rankings in the search engines. The search engines are putting more and more emphasis on the experience of your visitors so if your visitors are unimpressed with what you have on your web pages you will find your rankings falling within Google and the other search engines and your traffic reduced. Editing websites is vital to ensure that your writing is both error free and targeted perfectly towards your audience. Anything less can see your audience clicking away quickly.

We know how to edit a website

Writing for a website is not like writing an academic report; unless of course you are targeting academics with your writing. You have to write to target your audience and that means ensuring that your style of writing and word choice is appropriate for the people that will be using your site. If you do not meet the expectations of your audience or your writing is filled with obvious errors you will find your audience will not stay to read your pages or take action. Our professional website editing services as well as online proofreading tool will work through all aspects of each webpage to ensure the very best reader experience from your website;

  • Ensure that the title of your page and description reflects the content
  • Ensure that the title and main keywords reflect what the user is searching for; user intent is vital if you want the reader to stay on the page
  • Review keyword selection and use to ensure that usage is natural and not excessive
  • Review text to ensure that it is free of spelling mistakes; this includes misusing words such as its and it’s or there, their and they’re
  • Review punctuation; even a single misplaced comma can completely alter the meaning of a sentence
  • Review your use of grammar and make improvements
  • Check that the page flow logically from start to finish
  • Ensure that word choices are appropriate and make suggestions for alternatives
  • Look at transitions and ensure that they are appropriate and clear
  • Review the writing style and make suggestions for improvement
  • Review sales copy and make suggestions for improvement to increase conversions
  • Look at page layout and use of images and other media
  • Check all facts and calculations to ensure they are correct
  • Check links are correct and not to unsafe sites
  • Review the use of anchor text for your links
  • Review alt tag usage on your images

We will review all aspects of both your writing for the actual reader and for the search engines with regards to SEO.

Our professionals know how to edit a website; guaranteed

We don’t just hire a freelancer that says they know about websites to provide our editing services. Our editors are fully qualified professional editors with many years of experience in editing websites. They have up to date knowledge of SEO practices as well as the knowledge of how to ensure that your copy is going to get the attention of your visitors. We also fully guarantee our delivery and the quality of our work through our money back guarantee.

So if you are not sure how to edit a website contact us today and we will edit website pages perfectly to enhance your traffic and conversions!