Professional website keyword checker

Why is a website keyword checker important?

website keyword checkerKeywords are the words that people type into the search engines everyday when looking for information. Many of these keywords are typed in thousands of times by different searchers all around the world. Website owners use these keywords to help draw traffic to their pages by using the words that people search for within their pages. So if you are looking for traffic about “Purple widgets” then you would use these words within your title and text so that the search engines know that your page is about “purple widgets”. These are your keywords and when people use them within Google and the other search engines they will select the page that they think is about “purple widgets” and put the most relevant at the top of the search results. However selecting the right keywords to use for your page is a skill that not many posses which is why you need our website keyword checker, SEO website check or website editing services.

How will our website keyword checker help you?

Our website keyword analysis will help you to ensure that you are using the right keywords for your website. There is a huge amount of skill and research required to ensure that you will be able to select the right keywords to attract the traffic that you are looking for. We will review the keywords that you are using for the following factors:

  • Search volume; if no one is searching for your keywords or keyword phrases then you are not going to get any traffic. Our experts will look to see just how many people actually search for your keywords every day
  • Search competition; High volume search phrases will often have high levels of competition on the internet. That is many websites will target the specific keywords that you are targeting and that may make it very difficult for you to rank at the top of the search results. Our experts can suggest long tail alternatives (Such as “cheap purple widgets for summer use”) for which you may rank or alternative keywords that may help you rank
  • Searcher intent; does the content and the call to action on your page actually reflect the intent of the person using the keywords? If someone is searching for a “pigeon pie recipe” they are not looking for a page that is trying to sell them a recipe book with no actual recipe on the page. Not meeting searcher intent will cause searchers to click away quickly and lose you traffic in the long term
  • Keyword density and location; keyword density is how often you use your keywords within your text and also where you use your keywords on the web page. Not enough or too much use of keywords can lose you traffic.
  • Related keywords; people that write about a subject and are knowledgeable in that subject will likely use other keywords that are related to the keywords that you are targeting. Not mentioning those other keywords could be an indicator that you are not an expert in that area

Our experts will provide you the very best website keyword checker

Our website keyword check will be done by a highly qualified and very experienced member of our staff that fully understands how keywords will affect your rankings with the search engines. Not only do you work with some of the very best staff on the internet we also provide you with a full money back guarantee on their services.

So if you are in need of a website keyword checker just contact our experts here today for a highly affordable professional service to boost your traffic!