Proof Read My Essay Techniques

What are some good techniques to proofread my essay?

Proofreading an essay that you have written yourself may actually be the most difficult part in the entire essay writing process. Being so familiar with the subject matter seems to create a blind spot in the writers mind that causes them to see mistakes as what they should be, instead of what is actually there. However, difficult is not impossible and by using several proofreading methods and creating the right proofreading environment you can increase both the efficiency and speed with which you proofread papers you write. In addition, you may find more information about proofread my essay services by visiting our site.

What is the right environment to proofread my essay?

To proof papers that you have written yourself requires strict attention to detail and a sharp and focused mindset. The following are some tips to help keep you focused.

  • Try to set aside time for proofreading when you will be fresh and rested. It is hard to focus when tired
  • Have a quiet area you can proofread in without a lot of distractions.
  • On longer projects consider breaking up proofreading into smaller sections
  • Keep a dictionary and style guide easily available

Doing these things will make any method you use for proofreading more effective

What methods should I use to proofread my essay?

Most of the methods for proofreading are actually just techniques you can use that force you to keep a tighter focus so that catching an error is easier. Some of the more popular techniques are listed here.

  • Run your spelling and grammar checker when beginning proofreading, and again when finished. It won’t catch everything but it may get you off to a quick start.
  • Print out a hard copy of your paper. For many it’s easier to read than a screen, and reading in two different formats sometimes helps in catching mistakes.
  • Read your essay out loud. There are those that prefer to have their essay read to them
  • Read your essay backwards
  • Read through your essay several times, each time looking for only 1 kind of mistake. One time through for spelling mistakes, another for punctuation and so forth
  • Do a search for the mistakes that you know you are most prone to commit
  • Focus on 1 line at a time by covering the rest of the essay with a sheet of paper

Combine several techniques that work best for you to devise your own proofreading system.

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