Proofread Essays in 5 Simple Steps

Best way to proofread essays

Putting the finishing touches on your essay so that you have a well polished finished product can sometimes be the hardest part of the entire essay. Proofreading essay papers you have written yourself is made difficult by your familiarity with the paper. A writers mind will sometimes play tricks on them and when you are looking over your paper for errors you may be seeing it as you know it should be instead of how it is. Going through the paper numerous times looking for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and errors in punctuation can still leave a surprising number of mistakes. To help in spotting these mistakes you can read through your paper in a variety of different ways that make you look at it with a slightly altered view. Besides, you may know more about proofread my essay services on our site.

Adjusting your view when proofreading essays

Before doing an essay revision any part of your paper, put it aside for a few hours. You will come back to it with slightly changed view than when you were writing it right from the start. Reading through your essay in the following different ways will help in catching those elusive errors

  • Read your essay out loud, slowly and clearly. This forces you to pay closer attention to the words
  • Read your essay backwards, sentence by sentence. This also makes you focus more on individual words
  • Print a hard copy. Reading in a different format sometimes helps you to notice different things.
  • Cover everything with a piece of paper except for the line you are reading.
  • Go through the essay several times focusing on just 1 kind of mistake. On one read through you might look for spelling mistakes, and the next look only for punctuation errors, another time through to look for grammatical errors and yet again for word usage errors

No matter how you look at it you will be spending a fair amount of time to proofread essays and still may not catch every mistake

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  3. Receive your first draft with the corrections that have been made. Go over it and see if is exactly what you wanted.
  4. Review and comment. If there is something not quite to your liking, point it out and our editors will adjust as necessary
  5. Receive your final copy. Your essay will be error free and meet all your requirements. We guarantee you will be completely satisfied.

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